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  • Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
    Crap, Jefferson, I follow your log and have "watched" you go from not-so-strong to quite-friggin-strong. You're one of the dudes whose lifting motivates me to push through when a set or 3 of squats feels too heavy. It's weighing heavy (see what I did there) on me that you think I don't respect your opinion, dude. We may disagree on some geo-socio-political-philosophical sorts of things, but hell, man. You're one of the dudes around here who "gets it" when it comes to training, in my eyes.
    No worries, Rich . I thought you were differentiating between people that have done lifting competitions and people that have only lifted in a gym setting.
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    • Originally posted by Jefferson1775 View Post
      No worries, Rich . I thought you were differentiating between people that have done lifting competitions and people that have only lifted in a gym setting.
      I didn't mean to sound exclusionary at all, I was just trying to pay Jimmy a compliment that I respect his opinion despite the fact that we subscribe to different training philosophies. Of course I'm humbled and pleased any time I impress people like Eden, you, Mr. A, Reventon, et al. who know what it's like to grind through a heavy lift in the pursuit of strength acquisition and/or display. Figured that much went without saying.
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      • Pretty good workout tonight.

        120 x 5
        135 x 3
        150 x 4
        135 x 3
        120 x 10

        Pull-Ups: BW+10 x 5/5/5 BW x 6

        Dips: BW+10 x 10/10/10

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        • Cable laterals starting set with max tension at contracted position and then turning around so max tension is in the mid range x 2 sets.
          Rear cable laterals x 4 sets
          OH Hammer presses 90x18, 180 x 9, 180 x 8, 180 x 7, 90 x 15, 90 x 14, 90 x 13
          Partial bottom range laterals x 3 sets
          Strict laterals x 3 sets
          Front raise x 3 sets

          Hammer decline press 90 x 12, 180 x 10, 250 x 6, 250 x 5, 250 x 4, 180 x 6, 180 x 5, 90 x 15
          Crossovers x 3 drop sets
          Cable squeeze-ins x 3 sets


          • Dardens 'BIG Routine' session two:

            Leg press
            Leg press

            Leg raise

            Cable lat raise
            Negative pulldowns
            Negative pressups

            Everything done with a 10 second positive and a 5 second negative.

            Upped weight in everything. Still hit 12 reps on leg press so stopped there. I can tell now if I barely manage to make a rep whether or not Ill get the next one so I usually stop there literally just before failure. It worked when I did DC and I think allowed for longer progress.

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            • BBS Big 5. Progress on four of the exercises, but I've definitely stalled on the leg press. Since I've been on this exact routine since May, I've decided to move to a "Big 3" in an effort to give myself better recovery week to week. Next week I'll be taking off anyway, due to vacation, so in two weeks I'll come back to:

              Workout 1
              Chest Press
              Leg Press

              Workout 2
              Overhead Press
              Calf Raises

              Those will alternate week-to-week, 7 days off between.
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              • Deadlifts 6,6,6+ day


                11 Bodyweight Deadlifts
                100 Meter sprint
                7 (ouch) Rounds

                Strength deads felt good, only managed 6 on my final set and I'm ok with that. I can tell my pull off the floor is getting much stronger. For conditioning I loaded up 165 on the bar and did them as touch-n-go like you would see at a comp. Those sprints were real rough, pretty much turned into a fast jog towards the end. All deadlift sets unbroken. Now that I'm back at my gym I've decided to continue with deadlift and strict press strength days once per week to go along with my normal (squat heavy) programming. Really liking the results thus far.


                • Press:

                  75 x 5
                  85 x 3
                  95 x 5
                  85 x 3
                  75 x 8

                  Pull-Ups: BW+15lbs x 5/5/5 BW x 5

                  Back Raises: BW x 10/10/10

                  Very happy with the presses and pull-ups, felt very strong on these.

                  I skipped the deadlifts today to finish out 5/3/1 week. My low back is still a little messed up so I hadn't planned on taking the deload week but my low back definitely needs it. Will be posting a new thread asking advice on what to do about it.


                  • Deads, Rows, Shrugs, Shower.


                    • Saturday and Sunday upper/lower split (kinda). Everything less than a minute rest between sets/exercises. Moved to more HIT fashion for the next few weeks (slow fail ect.)

                      Workout A
                      Back squats 3 sets 185x10.
                      Snatch grip DL 3 sets of 225x5.

                      Workout B
                      OHP 135x8, 135x5, 135x3, 95x8
                      Chins BWx10, 55x7, 55x5, 55x3...dropset/no rest BWx4
                      Curls 75x8, 75x8 with Tri Press downs (with the cheat) dunno...some weight x 8, x8

                      Love the "cheat" for tri press downs just like the way you "cheat" for the skull crushers. My elbow is great doing em this way! Always did super strict before and it really use to mess with em. Thanks for the tip

                      Workout A looks like so little when you write it down...but I guarantee that was the one that had me dizzy and nearly puking.
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                      • So, one would think that doing squats during a deload week (only 5x5 at 75%) wouldn't be that difficult, even with a broken pinkie toe.

                        One would be incorrect.


                        • Squat:
                          305 x 5
                          305 x 5
                          305 x 13 (some kind of PR!)

                          190 x 5
                          190 x 5
                          190 x 13

                          Epic fail at reverse pyramid from 14. Went 14, 13, 12, 9, a bunch of 4's and 5's and an 11 for a total of 77. Best arm pump I've ever had. Couldn't even bend my elbows enough to type for like 45 minutes afterwards.
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                          • Shoveling 14" of heavy, wet snow that was supposed to be only 2"......go figure.......
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                            • Bastardized 5/3/1 cycle 6, week 1 (5/5/5), Workout A (Squat/Bench)

                              Tough day today. I fell forward on my second heaviest set of squats today. I'm not exactly sure what happened. One minute everything seemed fine and the next I'm falling forward. The barbell was caught on the stops, but I bruised my knees and cut my left hand when it hit the rack. The only thing I can think is that I've been trying to put the barbell further down on my back and also trying to go lower -- to the point of knocking the barbell against the stops. Maybe the bar just started slipping and I lost my balance.

                              Anyway, caught my breath and successfully completed the set -- however, decided not to go the bigger set which would have been 30 pounds heavier. I think it is time to reset for the the first time. I'll drop 20 pounds from the squat:-(

                              5/3/1 programmed main exercises (5/5/5 week):
                              • Squats - pyramid 5x170# 3x195#(fell) 5x195# 5x170#
                              • Bench press - pyramid 5x125# 5x145# 7x165# 5x145# 12x125#

                              8/6/3 programmed assistance exercises (8/8/8 week):
                              • Hammer rows - 8x165# 8x190# 8x200# 165# 20 sec rest pause (12x, 7x, 6x)

                              Other assistance exercises
                              • Dumbbell inclines drop sets 10x55-10x35, 8x50-8x30, 6x50-6x30
                              • Hamstring curls 10x130# 10x140#
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                              • Bench: 250: 5x5; 255 paused x3; 170x10 paused w/ focus on speed from chest.

                                20 feet-elevated pushups.

                                Superset of dips and lateral raises.

                                Dumbbell Rows: 100: 4 sets x12

                                OHP: (x5): 140, 145, 150, 155, 155