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  • Body By Science method on squats, bench presses, deadlifts, overhead barbell presses, dumbbell rows, chins. One set each to absolute complete failure. K.I.S.S.


    • Squats: 305# 5x5


      • Great workout again. My low back was still a little sore or tight so I didn't go for extra deadlift reps today. Otherwise everything felt really good.

        70 x 3
        80 x 3
        90 x 7
        80 x 3
        70 x 10

        Romanian deadlift :
        160 x 3
        180 x 3
        205 x 3

        Dips: BW+5 x 10/10/10

        Pull-Ups: BW+5 x 5/5/5

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        • Super easy workout today.

          Squat: 370 x 1
          Press: 165 x 1

          These both went up slower than a warm-up, but no grinding was necessary. They're Saturday's openers. No deadlifts though. Need extra recovery to break 500.

          The plan for Saturday is:
          Squat: 370/385/395-405
          Press: 165/170-175/180-185
          Deadlift: 470/490/500-510

          Weight cut is on point. Ate a huge dinner. Expecting to wake up ~151.5. Very moderate fluids tomorrow and 148 should be easy peasy for Saturday a.m.
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          • Bastardized 5/3/1 cycle 5, week 3 (5/3/1, 8/6/3), (Press/Deadlift)

            Just made my numbers this week - was happy not to miss.

            Only thing new is I worked up to a set of active recovery squats first thing. Seems like it helped me "warm-up."

            Finished 17 working sets in 1:15 -- even with the squats added.

            5/3/1 programmed main lifts (5/3/1 week):

            Overhead press - pyramid 5x95# 3x110# 1x120# 3x110# 8x95#
            Trap bar dead lift - 5x270# 3x305# 1x340#

            8/6/3 programmed assistance exercises (8/6/3 week):

            Hammer pull-downs 8x190# 6x215# 3x220# 160# rest/pause 8,4,4 reps (20 sec rest)
            Snatch grip (wide grip) dead lift 8x190# 6x210# 3x225#

            Other assistance exercises

            Squats 10x135#
            RDL 10x135#


            • Bench: 250 5x5; 255x3
              OHP: 135 140 145 150 155, 5 reps for all
              Pendlay Rows: 260 5x5
              Plus, some accessory work you don't care about


              • Originally posted by WaylandC View Post
                Plus, some accessory work you don't care about
                Translation: lots and lots of curls.
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                • 20 sprints this morning. Took 20 min.


                  • Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
                    Translation: lots and lots of curls.


                    • I was feeling pretty decent about my workout yesterday until I worked in on the squat cage with a dude who was front squatting 365. For triples. Many triples.


                      • Pec dec - 50x10, 45x12, 40x11
                        Hamstring curl - 30x15, 25x18, 20x20
                        Neutral Row - 80x14, 85x12, 80x10
                        Calves toe press 30 x 20 (20 secs rest), 30 (30 secs rest), 40 (40 secs rest), 50....Ouchie.

                        All weights fine. Going to lower pec dec weight and shoot for higher reps.

                        Calves were sore,each rest was in stretch position.

                        It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


                        • Compound lifts this morning. Deadlift being the one that kicked my ass the most.


                          • So far just some ab work, 100 kettlebell swings, some pushups. Planning on an hour walk later this afternoon, then probably some weighted arm & upper body training and a few chin-ups using the pull-up bar the Mr. recently set up for us. (It's hard to pass by that thing without doingat least one!)
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                            • Exercising restraint today. Running a jiu jitsu "open mat" (like I always do Friday nights) but not participating in the training, because I have to lift heavy stuff tomorrow. I'm going to bring my foam roller and just be there to unlock & lock the doors, turn the lights and POS system on, stretch out and supervise, and mop the mats afterwards.
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                              • Foam roller??? Don't you have some light weight chicks that can walk over your bodyparts for massage? Much better than any foam roller I can tell for sure...
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