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  • Originally posted by primal_jessjane View Post
    Gini, you may be absolutely right. I think I may just stop my traditional lifting (but I'll be damned if I have to stop sprinting!) and start working on building my strength gradually and with focus through the six moves in Convict Conditioning (pullups, pushups, leg raises, bridges, squats and handstands.) I never really thought I was overly active, but I think that's because I used to workout 5 or 6 days a week for quite a few years. So even three days a week seems like a break to me! How has taken a break affected you physically and mentally?

    Which I could help you with the therapy thing. Polar Ice? I always just thought that was the brand of an ice pack. ;-) Why don't you call him/her and ask? What do you mean by they are "killing you"? What sort of pain?
    Physically, it's really given me a boost in performance. I've regained my energy and now all my results are way better than they were over Independence weekend. Mentally, it's just been nice to chill out. I'm a former marathoner and current long distance biker, so I understand what it's like to workout 6 days a week. I've really enjoyed sleeping in, tooling's nice not to feel overly stressed or rushed or that I "have" to fit in a workout. I'm also really ready to hit it hard starting this week. I feel refreshed and ready for some action.

    I thought it was that icepack thing too, but it's some sort of cream that you apply. Sort of like iceyhot? But I think it begins with Polar. I just thought you lifters would know what it is called before I called the masseuse! My right shoulder is constantly screaming in pain. It's the part on my shoulderblade, mostly and it feels like one giant knot.


    • Today was fucking fun.

      Squats: 5x5, worked up to 235 lbs.

      Pull-ups: 3x5

      Bench Press: 3x5, worked up to 160 lbs

      Deadlift: 1x5 275 lbs
      I was yelling at the top of my lungs here...
      .`.><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>
      ><((((> .`.><((((>.`.><((((>.`.><(( ((>


      • Lifting Day:

        100 pushups (30 - 25 - 20 - 15 - 10)
        Squats 5 x 5 (140 lbs)
        Bench 5 x 5 (worked up to 120 lbs)
        Deadlift 5 x 5 (worked up to 185 lbs)
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        • Bunch of bodyweight stuff. I've incorporated some of the principles of gymnastics into my bodyweight routines. Hang on, lemme pull up my post from another site ( )... My only equipment right now is a tree branch, a Jungle Gym Split, and my bodyweight. Should be all I ever need, eh? haha

          1a) L-sit practice -- Four holds, combined total right around one minute. Still trying to get my legs parallel. This is going to take a while. My hip flexors, as well as that one muscle running across the quads, are still weak.
          1b) Inverted hang practice -- This time I focused on letting one foot be free from the support of my JGS strap. Managed to hold these fairly well, too. Grip still isn't rock-solid, but I'm working on it. On the third (of four), I actually managed to hold a no-foot-support inverted hang for a couple seconds.

          2a) Pull-ups from JGS -- Now that I can actually do these without crimped form... did three sets: 6, 5, 4. I noticed an imbalance, too. My left side is weaker. I pull myself up more with my right side than left, it becomes more pronounced near the top of the movement. Any advice for this? I tried to consciously pull harder with my left side in the later sets but my reps didn't materialize as easily.
          2b) Pushups -- Using the big cement support, I tried what I can only describe as a pseudo-planche pushup. I put my feet on the support, hands just behind the shoulders, and did pushups that way. I moved my feet up/down the wall as I went (made easier due to cement not having much friction against my VFF, at least going down; going up was harder). These pushups, I managed sets of 6, 3, and 4. The final two sets, I added some divebomber pushups on the end of each set: 9, and 8 respectively.

          3a) 1-Leg deadlift -- 3 sets of 12. Final set I split up to be 2 sets of 6 reps per leg (6 with right, 6 with left, 6 with right, 6 with left), since I think I tweaked a hamstring and didn't want to do too many consecutive reps.
          3b) Hanging Knee Raises -- 3 sets of 6. As I said earlier, my hip flexors are still weak. I can't bring my knees all the way into my chest at all.
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          • Tuesday: Rest Day

            Wed: Did this bodyweight workout: Has lots of pushups, pullups, squats, split-squats.


            • @Gini: May I suggest some remedies?

              1) Google "Theracane" Get one, follow the instructions and attack those knots.

              2) Get two tennis balls. Tape them together with duct tape or medical tape. Lie down and place the balls on either side of the spine. Use your bodyweight and slowly go from the neck and down your back. Let the pressure of those balls relax the muscles and fascia surrounding your spine.

              3) If you got the money and/or insurance, get a good shiatsu massage or acupuncture. That always sets things right for me.

              Here's wishing that you feel better soon.


              • Crutches and limping. Definitely building up my left leg, though, while letting my right ankle heal.
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                • Originally posted by Godzilla View Post
                  @Gini: May I suggest some remedies?
                  Thank you for the advice! My buddies at the gym just got a Theracane and it's been fun playing around with it. I got acupuncture in June, but it just didn't do much for me. I'll have to try the tennis ball idea this weekend.

                  Thursday: 60 minutes of ashtanga yoga.


                  • Gini, why don't you do another session of acupuncture?

                    Convict Conditioning called for:
                    50x3 wall push-ups
                    25x3 knee tucks

                    I couldn't even do 40 knee tucks! I have been HUMBLED!
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                    • 10 rounds (ok 9) 200 +/- yard hill sprints


                      • Kettlebell swings and squats; Shovelglove; a few dumbbell things; and a few yoga poses. And my daily walk (aka my daily commute).


                        • Friday:
                          warm up:
                          20 sit ups
                          40 russian twists with a med ball
                          2x10-8 clean &jerks
                          2x10 burpee breakdown:
                          squat thrusts

                          boat race (is that what it's called?):
                          sprint 200 hundred, row 200 hundred, 3x.

                          2x10 knees to elbows
                          2x15 kettleball swings
                          2x10 thrusters
                          2x10 ring pull ups
                          2x12 squat jumps
                          2x60 sec plank

                          @Jess - I just might. I'm sort of already signed up for 2 more massage sessions this month. I'm sort of in love with massage. Sigh.


                          • @Jess - See...not so easy in the beginning!!! :P
                            I grok, therefore I am.


                            • Sprints, on an elliptical. Five minute warmup, then 15 seconds full out, 45 seconds slow x10.


                              • 100 pull-ups
                                200 pushups
                                50 overhead presses
                                80 bench dips
                                100 C Crunches
                                50 each body weight split squats