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  • Because I work go to school full time and work almost full time so I don't have time to go to the gym but I bought Jillian Michaels body revolution and I have to says its killer it's working and I love it.

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    • Hiked about an hour and a half up and down hills with my 30lb toddler on my back. I'm thinking I can skip the lunges and squats tomorrow.
      Jen, former Midwesterner, living in the middle of nowhere.


      • Dips +70 x 11
        Cleans 135 for 3x3
        Push-ups ...lots
        Rows 5x10


        • Squat: 360 x 5 (PR!)
          Press: 130 x 5 x 5
          Deadlift: 340 x 5, 385 x 3, 430 x 5
          The Champagne of Beards


          • After hitting 300x5 on squats, I took a week off from lifting anything heavy, and called an end to the 5 months or so of Texas Method I had run. Texas Method was brutally effective at adding weight to my squats, but it was also brutal on recovery. After the deload week, I started up Beyond 5/3/1 today. I think I'll like it; 2 main lifts each workout, plus substantially more assistance work than Texas Method. We'll see how it goes.

            Warmup/foam roll
            Box jump 3x5
            Squat: 210x3, 240x3, 270x4
            Paused bench: 5x5 @ 190 lbs, 60 seconds between sets.
            50 chinups
            Side bends 2 sets of 25
            3x20 triceps push down

            Those paused bench sets got tough at the end, even though that's not a heavy weight. That rest period is short. Felt good, though.

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            • Squats 3x5x155

              overhead press 3x5x95

              deadlift, 8x135, 5x175, 5x215

              recumbent tricep extension 8x65, 2x5x75


              • Yesterday I moved several hundred pounds of tree, in round cuts, with a wheel barrow down my hill and piled them near the chopping block. Went for about an hour. Workout was full-body and involved squats, farmer-carry, pushing and pulling, deadlifts and some throws. No breaks, either, just a solid hour of breaking a sweat in the late morning heat.
                Crohn's, doing SCD


                • 20 press ups with various hand positions
                  2.5 minute plank
                  20 press ups
                  20 press ups
                  3 min plank
                  20 press ups
                  10 press ups
                  30 second plank
                  10 press ups
                  Short rest
                  1 min dynamic plank, holding 6 different positions for 10 second intervals.

                  Dead easy to remember, and really bloody hard!
                  Im a boss at planking, just a weakling with the press ups, takes me ages to grind them out
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                  • Squats 205 x 10

                    Videoed it and I'm hitting depth.....just looks forced. Maybe several hundred more reps will fix it.


                    • Squats & Muscle up superset
                      4 x 280, 5Mu
                      2 x 300, 5Mu
                      2 x 300, 5Mu
                      1 x 315, 5Mu
                      1 x 320

                      3 Position cleans, power/hang/full
                      135 x 10sets

                      Pull ups (strict) x 60


                      • I have introduced sprinting into my program. I head up to a local high school and run the 100's and walk the edges. I do 20 100 ' s. It feels pretty amazing. Painful but amazing.


                        • squats 3 sets, 5 reps @ 165

                          benchpress 3 sets, 5 reps @ 170

                          deadlift 155x8, 2205x5, 225x5


                          • Basic warm and stretch....

                            Squats -

                            215 X 5 X 5
                            220 X 5 X 1
                            225 X 5 X 1

                            Press -

                            120 X 5 X 1
                            125 X 5 X 3
                            130 X 3 X 1

                            Dips -

                            20 X body weight
                            15 X BW + 35
                            8 X BW + 55

                            Cool down and stretch


                            • Squat (Volume): 325 x 5 x 5
                              Bench: 150 x 5, 170 x 5, 195 x 10
                              Wobbly bench dropset 1 (25's were on resistance bands): 185 x 10,3,2
                              Wobbly bench dropset 2 (same): 9,2,1
                              Chinups (AMRAP in 7 minutes): 70 (PR)
                              The Champagne of Beards


                              • Warmup consisted of steady state bike for 20min and 5 min of intervals on bike.

                                Main work:

                                3x (15 empty safety bar squats to box followed by. Walking lunges)

                                2x (500m rows followed by t.u.t 1 min step-ups)

                                The last one was suppose to be 3 sets but according to my trainer my face was turning several colors.

                                Than post-workout stretching.
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