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  • I went chin-up crazy last year. A few years back, I could do zero chinups, worked my way up to 10 and then 20 in about a year. Then started doing sets of 10 or 20, pyramids, all that, to get in 100-200 a day, taking weekends off. I did that for about a year, got to where I could do 30-40 perfect chinups in a row.

    Then I took a full 6 months off. No chinups, pullups, or pushups. Just walking and sprinting. When I started back in a couple weeks ago, I managed 10 the first time, now up to 20+. I'm changing my tactic this year, instead of neverending chinups and pullups, I'm doing weighted chinups. Started with 25lbs, doing 35 pounds this week. I can manage 5 clean chins w/35 pounds. Will add maybe 5 pounds a week. I like the workout a lot better and can already tell biceps growing much faster than just endless bodyweight chins. Also started deadlifting, working on 200 now.

    Bodyweight was fun for a couple years, but it really does limit itself. Still, I have a hard time not knocking out 10 when I randomly come across a suitable bar.
    30 or 40 is really great!

    I just did deadlifts, warmed up with sets of 5 until I got to 235. Did one set of 5, rested 3 min, then just one slow-motion rep, held at the top for about ten seconds, and put-er-down, all done.
    Still torn between strength and hypertrophy.
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    Crohn's, doing SCD


    • My current shoulder issue means no pullups or chinups. Hoping that will change someday but I can do so many other things that I am not complaining.

      Yesterday's workout was the Kettlebell Armor workout that consists of 3 rounds of 100 single arm KB swings broken up periodically with 3 double KB swings, (for me) alternating single presses, and then 3 double KB front squats. Only 3 rounds, but it certainly gets the body's attention!

      My workout today will feature rest and recovery from the last two days. Tomorrow will either be more kettlebells or running, it depends on schedule/weather.


      • Light squats, deads, OHP, and bench....yup I benched...
        15 minutes on recline bike
        1 hour of tabata class

        and since i did that fasted it is now my lunch/breakfast time:
        home for a kick arse salad with salmon, walnuts, onion, tomato, goat cheese, and a balsamic vinaigrette with egg yolks.


        • Today's workout was moving bags of concrete. 12,900 pounds of concrete. And while MOST of it could be loaded in the trailer with a fork lift on pallets, 47 bags had to go in the truck. So move the bags from the stack in the store to the cart, push it out to the truck. Heave the bags up onto the side of the truck, climb in the truck, stack bags in the bed. Once we arrive home, lift the bags to the side of the truck, get out of the truck and move bags to the wheel barrow and haul into the garage. Add to the stack. Also UNload all the palleted concrete by hand. So although the total weight of bags we purchased was 12,900 pounds my dad and I lifted 13,500 pounds EACH over the course of the afternoon... Crazy!


          • Yesterday's workout featured kettle bells and a lot of cleans, presses and squats.

            Today was trail running day and I had fun running a couple of mountain bike trails that I helped to build from scratch.


            • 20-4-2014

              2x10: wrist push ups

              30 min handstand balance drills

              Tabata squats [bodyweight]

              Tabata frog stand

              2x10: wrist push ups


              • A fifty minute brisk walk, followed by 52 laps of freestyle of my local 50 metre swimming pool. I will sleep well tonight!


                • 3x3 OHP 135-135-145
                  3X5 DL 295#
                  3X3 Pull UP 25-25-25 and my jug ass!

                  90# (2-45# plates) farmer walks 4 rounds, back and forth across my 60' shop.

                  Loved it. Short sweet and rewarding.


                  • OHP: 130x9


                    • Met with my kettlebell coach today and after some practice with the Turkish Getup, I did the "storm and awe" workout - which consists of double KB snatches, then double KB cleans and presses, and then double KB squats. Did some technical + mobility work afterwards.


                      • Sigh....did a bootcamp thing and twisted an ankle doing 180 spin box jump thingy. Kinda dumb. Knew I was getting too fatigued too stay at that height. Seems minor to moderate though so I think I should be able to just tape the hell out of it and do me dead lifts tomorrow.


                        • Last night:

                          Squat: 330 x 5, 4, 6

                          Lost balance on the final rep of set 2, but made up for it

                          Bench (dead-stop off pins):

                          205 x 1 x 3 x 3 (3 cluster sets of 3 singles, arms removed from bar, shaken, and replaced between reps)

                          Snatch-grip deadlifts:

                          280 x 5 x 3

                          +100 x 9 (So close to locking out the tenth. Dammit)
                          +100 x 8

                          +75 x 5 x 3
                          The Champagne of Beards


                          • Today - Shovelglove exercises of various kinds, body weight squats, push-ups, and maybe some kettlebell swings and deadlifts. I'm a bit scared to re-introduce kettlebell stuff because I hurt my shoulder last time I did that, so I may just do a very tiny little bit.

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                            • Kinda weird week for me, workout-wise. I've been doing M/W/F Texas Method, exactly as written, since January, with one deload week and one missed workout due to getting sick. Yesterday was supposed to be 5x5 squats, 5x5 OHP, and 5 heavy deadlifts, but there was a gaggle of people around the racks waiting, so I only got squats done and couldn't get OHP and deads in. So I hit the gym this morning, and it was the gym that has bumper plates and a turf field.

                              Squats: 5x5 @265 lbs

                              OHP: 3x5 @ 135 lbs, then reverse-pyramid down in weight 10 lbs at a time with sets of 5-10. Not sure how many. A lot.
                              Deadlift: Just wanted to work some form, not go heavy, since I did volume squats yesterday. Still ended up pulling 385 4 or 5 times total.
                              A BUNCH of 225 lb trap bar farmer's walks, and Prowler pushes, 40 yards at a time, back to back to back to back to...I dunno. I did a TON of them. Killers.

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                              • Originally posted by Neckhammer View Post
                                Sigh....did a bootcamp thing and twisted an ankle doing 180 spin box jump thingy. Kinda dumb. Knew I was getting too fatigued too stay at that height. Seems minor to moderate though so I think I should be able to just tape the hell out of it and do me dead lifts tomorrow.
                                This came to mind as soon as I read your post !