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  • Originally posted by Reventon View Post
    Woof. F**ker of a workout. Wasn't even gonna hit the gym tonight. Felt like crap when I got home and the back spasms that I had last week came back with a vengeance this morning after subsiding over the weekend. Only having a back roller I could borrow at work and doing wall stretches kept me from popping some ibuprofen or a painkiller. I kinda thought, screw it, if I do nothing and don't have any blood flow hitting the muscles, then I won't get any better. The idea was to hit the gym and just do enough to get some blood flowing and a good hormonal response to drive my recovery.

    Instead, once my blood was flowing I thought, you know what, I feel pretty good, now. My back was actually feeling excellent once I got everything pumping. I got really f**kin mad at myself for almost pussying out. And there was a part of me that thought, "You know Rich is going to be training like a beast, fool. Are you really going to be a whiny little bitch and punk out?"
    Glad I could be part of the motivation for your awesome lifts. Afraid to say you've left me squarely in your dust. For now.
    The Champagne of Beards


    • Originally posted by RichMahogany View Post
      Glad I could be part of the motivation for your awesome lifts. Afraid to say you've left me squarely in your dust. For now.
      Hah... For Now being the operative part of that sentence You're progressing inexorably like a freight train and not slowing up at all. I have these fits and bursts where my strength just seems to peak and I simply have to go nuts, but I will probably have to tone things down some to keep progressing without muddling my form or risking an actual injury (I don't count a pinched nerve as an injury, it's just an annoyance).

      It was kind of funny tonight, a couple of people came up to me and asked "Are you a powerlifter?" and I responded, "Nah dude... this is what I do for fun."


      • after a looooong day at work: BW core workout (YAYOG) dumbbell chest and push ups, stretching. Proud that I could motivate myself to do an hour...feels good, hope I'll sleep like a baby


        • Think I'll go do a couple heavy sets of deadlift then some kettlebell work.


          • Press


            I'll take another shot at 170 in two weeks.
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            • Nice work, Jefferson. Bummer about the presses. You'll get them next time.

              My evening looked like:

              245 x 5
              280 x 5
              315 x 9 (PR)

              Bench Press
              160 x 5
              180 x 5
              205 x 7
              160 x 13

              Power Cleans:
              155 x 1 x 7

              50 x 10
              50 x 10
              50 x 7

              50 x 6
              50 x 6
              50 x 4
              bw x 8
              static hold to really slow neg x 1
              The Champagne of Beards


              • 55lb KB

                3x5 goblet squats
                10 full get ups
                100 swings (30 one handed)

                Working to get all 100 one handed now, and be able to do it all again the very next day. Still doing one "heavy" gym day a week.


                • Nice lifting guys. Those dips and chin ups are frickin solid Rich. And the time to rest will probably be enough for you to smash out 170 Jefferson. It works freakin wonders.

                  Ripped apart a pair of seriously old shorts on my squats today. Was hilarious, cos I did it on my first working set on rep seven or eight, and as I kept going, they kept ripping. My scarlet red undies telegraphed the whole thing as much as the noise of the rip... I was hanging crimson sausage and nuts out for the world to see. It was just brutal.

                  Home is only a 10 minute walk from the gym. I did not go back to change. F**k it, two of the trainers were there doing their own workouts off shift. If they had a problem with me going balls out (literally), no one complained in the least. Gave a couple of the girls nearby a giggle.

                  140 kg (308 lbs) x 10 (PR)
                  150 kg (330 lbs) x 10 (PR)
                  160 kg (352 lbs) x 3 (Jelly legged)
                  100 kg (220 lbs) x 10

                  My god these hurt. It will be a while before I cycle a volume day back in like that. I think my heartrate hit 160-180 bpm by the end of both sets.

                  Bench Press:
                  110 kg (242 lbs) x 2 (PR)
                  115 kg (253 lbs) x 1 (PR)
                  100 kg (220 lbs) Clusters of 3, 10 second rest (3,3,2)
                  90 kg (198 lbs) x 5

                  (Power rack was occupied when I did these. Annoying. With pins, I could have pushed for more reps on the cluster and driven it to true failure and possibly repped more on my heavies. The 1 RM went up clean and I felt like I had another in me, but no one was free for a spot and I really didn't want to roll of shame it).

                  Bent over Barbell Row:
                  (Used these instead of Pendlays to see how my back held up and test to see if they build any mass over a cycle... Experimenting to see how it affects my performance if my upper back is moar swole)
                  80 kg (176 lbs) x 10
                  100 kg (220 lbs) 2 x 5
                  90 kg (198 lbs) x 8

                  Was trying to get a feel for what sort of weight I should be working at. Might cycle them in as clusters. I'm getting addicted to working them into my programming now.

                  Wide Grip Pull ups:
                  Bodyweight to failure (nine, I think. I was properly gassed)

                  Happy overall. Man, it's annoying that I'm so much further away from my goals on bench than I am on my leg work. I should just be happy I'm getting stronger, but I'm getting greedier too.


                  • Legs and shoulders:

                    Warm up:
                    Stiff legged deadlifts- 180 on bar x 10 reps

                    Leg Press- 410lbs-Rest/Pause- 3,3,3,3,3,3
                    Leg Ext- 1 set to total failure

                    Seated calf raise- alternating one leg at a time to failure
                    Calf press - 2 sets to failure using drop sets

                    Cable lateral raise x 1 set
                    Seated machine press- 160 lbs-Rest/Pause- 3,3,3,3
                    DB side laterals- 20lbs x 1 set to failure
                    Cable laterals x 1 set to failure
                    Rear fly machine x 1 set to failure


                    • 2-3 sets of each

                      Goblet squat
                      Back Squat
                      Overhead press (dumbells)
                      Hanging leg raises


                      • Not a banner day, but I'll post it:

                        Squat: 245 x 10 x 3
                        Press: 115 x 5 / 135 x 5 / 150 x 4 (First technical failure on 5/3/1)
                        Deadlift: 310 x 5 / 355 x 5 / 400 x 7 (7th rep was hitched and ugly. Really shouldn't count. Didn't want to write "6")
                        Press: 135 x 5 (was hoping for a better set, but I was smoked from the deads)
                        Static double-overhand holds off the rack: 3 @ 315, 3 @ 135 w/ Fat Gripz. Hands are rocked.
                        The Champagne of Beards


                        • Man that's a lot of volume out of that 400 Deadlift though. Kudos.


                          • Originally posted by Reventon View Post
                            Man that's a lot of volume out of that 400 Deadlift though. Kudos.
                            I'm gonna stiff legged that shit soon !


                            • Originally posted by OldSchhool View Post
                              I'm gonna stiff legged that shit soon !
                              You nut. Good work


                              • So very, very tired.

                                Did some KB swings, KB military presses, bent bar bicep curls, overhead tri extensions and shit.

                                Hit some decline DB presses.

                                Squat PR: 190 kg (418 lbs) x1.

                                Got a second rep up but it was beyond bowling shoes ugly. Broke parallel, but the bar didn't come up level and I squat morninged right at the top. It doesn't count. First rep was clean, though.

                                The order I did that stuff in was different. Can't be bothered to retype. My tank is genuinely emptied today.