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  • I am always just greasing the groove lately. Lots of dips, bar hangs, leg lifts, whatever you call holding two 50-pound weights and going from a squat to stand to curl to pushing them straight up over your head, reverse repeat 5X, shrug a few times, put weights down.
    Crohn's, doing SCD


    • This was last evening, not today, but what the heck:

      600 pushups
      200 situps
      25 minutes of jump rope

      Is twenty-five minutes of jump rope every three days too much cardio?


      • Originally posted by CiKi90
        Two HIIT fitness videos for a total of 40 minutes. Thank you FitnessBlender! I love that site, so many good videos to choose from. =)
        I just got connected with fitness blender! What are your favorite vids?

        I too did a 30min fitness blender hiit/ strength plus 30 mins of 50/10 alternating between an upper body strength move in trx and an aerobic move like jumping jacks/high knees/burpees. Total = 60 mins

        Also did a ton of ground keeping today opening up the cottage. Pooped!
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        • Deadlift: 1x5x67.5kg; 1x5x77.5kg; 3x5x85kg
          Deadlift: 5x10x65kg
          Squat: 3x5x60kg
          Leg Raises: 3x15
          Push-Ups: 150
          Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

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          • While on a 24-hour fast I played racquetball then walked nine miles.


            • Great workout this morning! I did intervals on the track first, followed by my leg workout at the gym.

              Jog 1 mile to the Track
              10 X 100 meters Sprints
              Jog 1 mile back to the Gym

              Squats - 15 X 135 lbs., 10 X185 lbs, 8 X 225lbs, 6 X275 lbs, 3 X 295 lbs
              Hack Squats - 12 X 135 lbs, 10 X 185 lbs, 8 X 205lbs.
              Burn out set of Squats - 20 X 135lbs.

              Thigh extensions - 150lbs/Leg Curl - 90lbs/Calf Raises - 220lbs (Tri-Sets 3 X12)
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              • I am doing the Memorial Day Murph next Saturday (a military charity fundraiser), so decided to do a little taste of it this morning. I ran a mile on the treadmill and then did 6 sets of a scaled Cindy workout. For me this was 6 rounds of 25 squats, 15 TRX racked rows (rather than pullups) and 10 pushups. This added up to right at one-half of the full Murph workout - although I didn't run another mile at the end as I should have.

                Riding my bike tomorrow morning early, I had planned to this morning but the incorrect weather forecast sent me to the gym. No matter, I had needed to test my rehabbing shoulder with the above workout anyway just to make certain that it is up for the challenge next weekend. It is


                • KB snatch 70lbs 5 x 5
                  KB high pulls 88lbs 5 x 3
                  Swings 88lbs 3 x 15


                  • 16 mile hike through the appalachians

                    note: edit for spelling


                    • Core work
                      Dead lifts ( sets of 4x5 and 1X8)
                      Monster rope, kettlebell swing, hand release pushup AMRAP


                      • Handstand work: hold, pushups, and walking side-to-side, against a wall for balance.


                        • Yesterday:

                          Bench Press: (1x5x57.5kg) (1x5x60kg) (2x5x62.5kg)
                          Bench Press: (3x10x50kg) (2x10x52.5kg)
                          Pull Ups (2xFailure)
                          Dumbell Press (4x12x12.5kg)
                          Dips (3x10xBW+8)
                          Dumbell Curls: (4x12x10kg)

                          And as I had an assignment due the next day, spent the night fueled on chocolate, coffee and adrenaline.
                          Push Ups (10x40)
                          Dark chocolate and coffee, running through my veins...

                          Fitocracy Workout Tracker:
                          MFP Food Diary:
                          (Date is New Zealand Time UTC+ 12hours)


                          • 5-mile easy pace run.
                            Standing Overhead Pres: 3x5, 115 lbs
                            ATG Back Squats: 3x5, 185 lbs
                            Calf Raises: 3x10, 335 lbs
                            Stationary Bike Intervals: 40:10 Sprints.


                            • Power Cleans: 5 x 1 x 155
                              Squats: 4 x 290, 1 x 290 (was supposed to be a set of 5)
                              Bench Press: 5 x 5 x 185
                              Deadlift: 5 x 390
                              Fat-grip deficit deadlift off the cinder blocks: 1 x 5 x 160
                              Dips: Bodyweight + 45 lbs for 3 sets of 10

                              Somehow that all took me 2.5 hours. Gross.
                              The Champagne of Beards


                              • Broke my plateau with deadlift finally. Just needed a week off it looks like cause when I went at it fresh seemed like I coulda done more weight. Gonna try to break 300 for a 5 rep set in the next 4-6 weeks. It's definitely my weakest link so I'm keen to keep hitting it hard, but thats a double edge sword as it seems I've been not spacing the workout enough to recover completely.