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  • Tabata class 8 exercises for 8x20s/10s intervals. Let me see if I can remember the exercieses:

    Prison squat jumps
    Spider mans
    Heel taps
    Mountain climbers
    Box jumps

    Meh, can't remember the other one. Ah well. Was definitely spent by then. Getting ready for a Spartan race next month!


    • Deload week, so light weights of the following:

      Squats, rack pulls, bench press, incline bench press, glute ham raises and dumbbell rows


      • 5x5 bench press
        5x5 back squats
        5x5 overhead press
        Stationary bike sprint intervals, 40sec sprint, 10sec recovery, 10 sets.


        • Deadlifts x 3 x 5 x 8 x 15
          Weighted Dips x 6
          Weighted Pullups x6


          • I did 100 pushups this morning, in 5 sets. God, I'm hungry.


            • Ran 1 mile to the park, then did Day 3 Level 8 SimpleFit workout. 50 Pullups (1X20, 1X10, 1X10, 1X10 minimal rest between sets), 100 Pushups (1X80, 1X20), 100 BodyWeight squats (1X100) then ran 1 mile home.
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              • Yesterday I finished my group workout with a Farmers Carry (two 50 lb Kettle bells) for 200 meters. I need serious grip strength work. That was close to my body weight but I completed the distance- not without stopping of course - a lot... I am glad my trainer had me do that. The others were doing overhead work which I am currently not allowed (shoulder problem) to do so this provided a chance to work on a weak area. I am thankful to be able to still do some heavier work without hurting my shoulder - even if it can't be over my head!
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                • Tabata class again

                  Shoulder presses
                  Push ups
                  Jump robe
                  Toe taps
                  Glute rolles with physioball
                  Lateral weighted circles
                  One more that again I can not recall.... By the end I think my brain stops functioning.


                  • Walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes. Something's better than nothing!
                    SW: TBD lbs / CW: TBD lbs / GW: 185 lbs


                    • Tabata

                      mountain climbers
                      box jumps
                      hindu squats
                      bosu ball run
                      toe taps
                      elevated lunges
                      kettle bell presses


                      • Did bench press. Ran a mile, with sprints.


                        • Today we learned new things in my group training class,and also some oldies but goodies:

                          1/2 Turkish getups
                          KB Snatches
                          Pistol squats
                          DB inclined rows
                          Trapbar Deadlifts
                          Chest presses
                          Plate press and pull
                          5 minutes of pushups, lunges and squats
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                          • Our WOD today as follows:

                            5 rounds of:

                            In 2 minutes, row 250m, then max burpess with the remainder of the time. Rest 2 mins, repeat.

                            Then into:

                            10 min AMRAP

                            10 box jumps (24")
                            8 hang squat cleans (50kg)
                            6 shoulder to overhead (50kg)
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                            • I followed a series of movements today all held for time.
                              Pullups - 23 seconds
                              Diamond pressups - 23 seconds
                              Chins - 20 seconds
                              Pressups - 30 seconds

                              Pullups - 18 seconds
                              Diamonds - 20 seconds
                              Chins 18 seconds
                              Pressups - 35 seconds

                              2 rounds:
                              Lunges - 3 minutes continuous
                              Plank - 45 seconds
                              Leg lever - 30 seconds

                              None of the static holds were done to absolute failure. It was originally a pt workout with reps for each movement. What I did was convert reps into seconds and added another 10 seconds. So 13 pullups became pullups for 23 seconds.

                              Great workout.

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                              • Light workout this morning:

                                DB clean and press
                                DB rows
                                Scapula retraction mobility work via several methods

                                That pretty much covers it, it was my 5th day in a row & the first four days were either high intensity or very heavy.