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  • Originally posted by Fitness Wayne View Post
    45 minutes of dodgeball, and we WON!
    Awww....I so miss dodgeball.

    Did an hour hike with the dog through the woods.


    • Light yoga class. Great stretch. 1.5 mile run. 45 min walk w my dog"


      • A crap load of front squats, double unders, and pistols


        • Today was supposed to be my 'off day'...

          1 hr yoga
          10 min core workout
          4 150 yd STEEP uphill sprints (suuuuucked)
          2 mile run barefoot

          I have trouble with off days...


          • 1 hour and 15 minutes of playing hockey ... damn my hamstrings and calves weren't gonna take it anymore at the end of that
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            • Originally posted by WeldingHank View Post

              Krav Maga conditioning tonight!

              Warm Up!
              3 mins jog
              40 crunch
              40 push-ups

              Circuit training 2minsX2 rounds
              heavy bag punch
              heavy bag kick
              running-man knee's
              double ended bag
              Jesus Christs
              decline Push-ups

              3 rounds kettlebell work (52lb bell)
              swing series
              goblet squats
              What is a Jesus Christ ??

              Biked to the gym to complete:
              3 x 8-14 x 145-135# barbell hip thrusts
              6x5 chin-ups
              3x8x95# reverse lunge
              3x5x15# weighted pushup
              + handstands & foam rolling

              Zzzzzzzz... I don't know if it's general stress or a calorie deficit that makes my workouts so much harder these days. :-(
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              • Last weekend of weight training before my BB test November 9th. Everything after this weekend will be cardio circuits, sprints, and some yoga for the next two weeks. Last week before the test will be rest with some easy activity mixed in.


                Power Cleans 1-1-1-1-1
                Push Press 3-3-3-3-3
                Parallel Grip Pull Ups 3x10
                "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom"
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                • Been playing war games all week at work, 14 hours shifts. Quick session today

                  5x5 Progressive Deadlift

                  375 x 5
                  380 x 5
                  385 x 5
                  390 x 5
                  400 x 5

                  Quick bodyweight conditioning

                  5 rounds
                  25 pushups
                  25 situps
                  25 squats


                  • Fell off my bike last week and dislocated a finger and bruised my ribs banged up my hip and shoulder :-(

                    After I had pulled my finger back into place I briefly wondered if I could complete my ride........then the pain kicked in!

                    So now I'm doing 1 hour power walks most mornings very fast , it is quite fun and challenging. I'm thinking of getting some of those Nordic poles when I can grip properly again to increase the intensity. Might be a good winter alternative to cycling which can be quite treacherous as I have found out :-)


                    • Last day of weights before my test. Current bw is 185lb.

                      Deadlift 3x10 (225lb)
                      Bench Press 3x10 (200lb)
                      Lat Pull Downs 3x10 (150lb)
                      Back Squat 3x10 (250lb)
                      Dumbell Rows 3x10 each side (80lb)

                      Tried to keep it light so I didn't risk injury this close in. Now will wait for the bounce back come November 9th.
                      "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom"
                      Quote on the Father's Sword


                      • Shoulders and Traps today:

                        DB shoulder press: 14 x 65 lbs, 10 x 65 lbs, 10 x 60 lbs
                        Shrugs: 3x12 (65 lbs) - damn planet fitness for sucking and only having 65 pound dumbbells
                        Handstand Pushups: 2x7
                        Lat Raises: 12 x 40 lbs, 14 x 35 lbs, 10 x 35 lbs
                        Front raises: 12 x 30 lbs, 14 x 25 lbs, 12 x 25 lbs
                        Posterior shoulder flies: 3 sets, forget weight and reps
                        Front shrugs 10 x 160 lbs
                        Rear shrugs 10 x 160 lbs

                        Interval training for 30 minutes on the elliptical runner.

                        Today was a low weight high rep workout. I try to do these at least once a month to switch it up. Next week is heavy weight low rep.
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                        • Did a mixed day of training. Started off running a hard 3 miles from the gym, jumped into some kettlebell work (clean press, squat and press and some two and one are swings), did a set of 20 chin-ups, followed by a set of lying DB presses to failure and a couple of sets of DB curls and Tricep pressdowns just for fun. It was a beautiful fall day and I just felt like breaking free from my routine and went with what I felt like doing for a change.
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                          • 20:10 Ellyptical Intervals (elevation 10, resistance 5) 15:00

                            Negative Rest Sucks.
                            "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom"
                            Quote on the Father's Sword


                            • It is my birthday today. I ate lots of cake so I decided to go for a 1 hour run to burn off some of the calories.
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                              • ^^^^ Happy B'Day!

                                Today's workout is the usual routine:
                                30 close grip pull ups, 60 diamond push-ups, 90 free squats, 24 dips
                                Few but ripe.