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  • I just played soccer for the first time in a long time. I know I'll be sore tomorrow from all the sprinting.


    • Snatch balance warmup to 125lbs

      Reach Snatch 1 rep max.

      Started at 125lbs and crushed my previous 150lb PR with 170lbs.

      3x5 Dumbell thrusters @55lbs


      • I walked the dog 7 miles


        • 5x20 Clubbell swings (10b bells)

          25x2 left and 25x2 right side 5kg medicine ball

          Walked to work (30mins casual pace)

          going for stroll for lunch break (another 30min) then home later (another 25-30min).

          Might get some pull ups in after work.
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          • Walked the dog 2 miles

            30:30 Ellyptical Intervals (elevation 12, resistance 5) 20:00
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            • Teaching 2 x group kettlebell classes, 1 in the morn, 1 in the evening - 37 x 1 min exercises (swings, snatches, squats, lunges, windmills, core work etc), performed back to back without rests. I teach quite a bit during the class, but it still takes it out of me :-)


              • I failed Simplefit L3D3 by 14 seconds on Friday (rested too much on the pullups) so it's back to L3D1. Gotta beat 17 rounds.
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                • 6 400m sprints with 3 mins rest between
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                  • Squat Bench Deadlift Pullups Chinups Dips
                    well then


                    • 3-4hr hike in rain, sun and snow.
                      Annie Ups the Ante


                      • 4x5 Barbell Complex RDL/Row/Power Clean/Front Squat/Press (105lb load - very hard!)

                        Three Rounds:
                        Push Ups x 20
                        Incline Sit Ups x 20
                        Back Extensions x 20
                        Chin Ups x 10
                        Dips x 10
                        Burpees x 10
                        "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom"
                        Quote on the Father's Sword


                        • A lovely & invigorating 3 mile jog this morning in the rain that preceeded Hurricane Isaac's approach.


                          • 25 minutes of bellydance followed by 15 minutes of yoga.
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                            • Inspired by Dave hedge from my mad methods newsletter. Got a sore lower back at the moment so limited in what I can do.

                              A1: 5 mins jump rope,
                              A2: Joint mobility circle work - hips, arms, shoulders etc.
                              A3: 5 mins of bear crawls, crab walks, inchworm, sideways rolls ( bears to crabs, fwds, back etc) kids and wife cracked up laughing at me doing these.....
                              A4: 10m of fwd hip lunge/stretches, 10m of sideways hip stretches walking backwards
                              A5: 5 mins of bird dog variations ( front, back, 1 inch holds)
                              A6: 2 mins of back bridge progressions

                              B1: 3 sets of 10 reps alt leg go BW Bulgarian split squats ( no rest between legs)
                              B2: 3 x 10 sets of KB alt arm rows *with 25kg KB
                              B3: 10 KB double handed swings, these hurt the lower back so stopped them.

                              C1: 5 mins of front planks 45 sec hold 15sec rest
                              C2: 10 mins of 60 static pull ups/chin ups *one every 10 secs about 1/4 were chin ups

                              D1: 3x10 inverted body rows ( legs bent on the gym rings)
                              D3: 3 x 10 let me ins ( standing rows)
                              D4: 3 x 5 alt leg supported pistols ( off the gym rings)
                              D5: 5 x 20 sec holds of the L sits on the rings

                              Finished with 15 min icing the lower back while the lamb chops cooked. *Down 4kg's this week after putting on a couple over the last few weeks with sympathy eating over the back issues. *Down to 110kg's I have been bouncing between 112 to 114kg's. *nice to see a bit of a weight shift, about 10 to go to hit my target weight.

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                              • This wasn't my work out today but this is a good one for time. took me 35 mins no rest with one cheat after getting halfway through I cut out burpees.

                                Do exercise #1, run one lap, do exercise #1 & 2, run one lap, do exercise #1, 2 & 3, run a lap etc. Allowed to cut 2 exercises in half once you reach the halfway mark or cut out on exercise completely.