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  • 3 sets of following
    Pull ups (though as I am a weak 46 year old woman, had to use weighted assistance tp fatigue.)
    Plank 45 seconds
    Press ups.

    Came home from gym full of energy so washed and polished the car inside and out. In the afternoon had a nice afternoon shopping for clothes for myself.
    I love days I am off work.


    • yesterday
      5 sets of:
      6 pullups
      15 pushups
      25 squats
      60 second plank

      ran 3.9 miles in 34 minutes

      I ain't doing shit


      • Mixed body weight session

        Start of with 10 mins of joint mobility and stretching
        3 sets of 12 reps of split Bulgarian squats (each side)
        3 sets of 20 box squats working on form, rest between sets by doing 1 min of static wall chairs
        3 sets of 12 side squats ( each side)
        2 sets of 5 reps box pistol squats (progression)
        3 sets of 5 reps pistol squats supported from gym rings
        10 sec pull ups ( 10 mins, 60 reps) one pull up ever 10 sec's repeat for ten minutes
        5 sets of 10 reps standing rows ( let me ins)
        3 sets of 10 Swiss ball crunches
        3 sets of 10 Russian twists on Swiss ball
        2 mins back ext with arms on Swiss ball
        5 by one minute front planks alt with back bridge
        hip flexor and piraformas stretch and other assorted yoga poses
        3 rounds of back decomp machine and stretches*

        All up about one hour with stretching etc.

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        • 12 seventy five yard sprints and a bike ride.


          • Just finished Simplefit Level 8, Day 1:

            Max rounds in 20 minutes
            5 pull ups
            10 push ups
            15 squats

            I managed to do 22 rounds. Day 2 on Wednesday is going to be a bitch.

            Later, I'll be lifting:

            1x5, then 2x3:
            Deadlift - 305 lbs., then 320 lbs.

            Upright row - 165 lbs.
            Shoulder push ups
            "Don't waste your time, or time will waste you."


            • 16 fast laps in the pool. Then had a big breakfast, frittata w/ bleu cheese melted on top & slow cooked wild salmon. 3.5 hrs of digging, shoveling & hauling dirt/manure & spreading it around the garden bed. Am sore but happy. Tonite, I'll do some stretching before dinner & soak in epsom salts before bed
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              • 7 Rounds

                12 Thrusters #75/55
                9 Toe To Bar
                200m Med Ball Run

                And gonna swim some laps now


                • Yesterday, three sets of 25 two-handed swings with the 20kg kettlebell.
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                  • Backs ( sciatica) is still a bit niggly, the calve muscle is still sore but slowly getting better, so tonight's workout was

                    10 mins joint mobility, inversion table and light stretching
                    3 mins light kettlebell (12kg) work to grease the groove felt good so moved into
                    5 mins of two hand swings (25 kg bell) on a 15:15 protocol ( 15 secs work followed by 15 secs rest)
                    5 mins of one snatches with 16 kg bell alternating sides on the 15:15 protocol
                    repeat the swings and snatch two more times for total of three rounds (30 mins total)

                    Took it easy and didn't push the speed stopped when the snatches started to get a bit loose, otherwise I typically do this for 40 mins as per Viking warrior conditioning protocol.

                    Then finished with a front plank straight to wall chair holding each for a minute, repeated 4 times each. *Then into some static pull up hangs which is holding the pull up position with chin to the bar for as long as possible (20 - 30 secs in my case). Finished off with inversion table and light stretching and back bends. *Might do some yoga after dinner before bed.

                    "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog


                    • Doing some walking and "Greasing the Groove" push ups throughout the day. Then tonight I have Brazilian jiu-jitsu class.
                      "Don't waste your time, or time will waste you."


                      • Walk the dog 2 miles

                        Straight Ellyptical (elevation 10, resistance 6, s/m 210) 20:00
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                        • It sucks being banned from all these great workouts I see by my crampy legs.

                          Bicycle ride in the sun to the park.
                          Hanging leg lifts, L-sits, drawing circles with my pointed feet, etc. ad-lib throughout my day, almost every day.
                          Haven't sprinted in too long. Chest pains and a story I saw about damaged chordae tendinae have me too scared to do it again.
                          Curl freeweights, 55 pounds per arm, 3x3
                          Many push-ups and chin-ups, and one-armed orangutan swings on the rings at the park.
                          Hand-over-hand forward-facing bar work, back and forth. More monkey business.
                          Basically, I can kill my arms all I want, they cannot cramp - and even if they ever did, I'd still be able to walk. So I do.

                          One armed chin-ups, 1x2 yesterday. None today, just the monkey stuff.
                          Crohn's, doing SCD


                          • "Lucky 13"

                            13 sets of:
                            - 10 bench dips
                            - 1 pull-up
                            - 10 pushups (started with diamond pushups but that got too hard after set 3 so I did regular pushups)
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                            • Today was just a 3+ mile walk, tomorrow is a full workout day


                              • Weekend here so plenty of time for exercise so today was

                                Morning 1 hour walk with the dog and kids
                                later on in the morning prior to lunch
                                45 min Steve Maxwell joint mobility and kettlebell warm up with a 12 kg bell

                                afternoon workout
                                As many rounds ( YAYOG strappers) as possible in 20 mins ( completed 14) of
                                10 reverse lunges alternating legs
                                8 let me ins
                                6 push ups
                                feeling it in the legs now..

                                Drink break then tried for ten minutes, but could only do nine rounds of Every Minute on the Minute of:
                                5 sumo deadlifts with 25 kg bell focusing on form
                                10 two handed swings with the 25 kg bell
                                4 pull ups, these really got the heart rate up and sweat flowing freely

                                Finished of with 8 mins of around the world planks ( front to side to back to side then back to front ) changing every 30 seconds, did a back bridge in place of a reverse plank ( dodgy back). *Then jumped on the mountain bike for 1 hour coastal cruise ave 17 km/ hr 1/3 on limestone paths rest on cycle paths, first time back on the bike for 4 weeks. *Time for a bit of couch time.

                                "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog