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  • Just finished SimpleFit Level 7, Day 2:

    5 rounds for time
    8 pull ups
    24 push ups
    40 squats

    I did the 5 rounds in 7 minutes, 13 seconds.

    Later, I'll be lifting:

    1x5, then 2x3:
    Deadlift - 295 lbs., then 310 lbs.

    Upright row - 160 lbs.
    Shoulder push ups
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    • Walked the dog 2 miles

      Incline Bench Press 5-4-3-2-1
      Parallel Lat Pull Downs 5x10
      Front Squat 3x3
      Good Mornings 10-10-10-10-10
      Seated Dumbell Press 5-6-7-6-5
      T-Bar Rows 5x10

      Four Rounds:
      Tire Flips x 10
      Sled Drag
      30yd Shuttle
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      • I've just ordered a 20kg kettlebell due to arrive by the end of the week. Will be cranking out four sets of 25, three times a week as per usual.
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        • Took a walk & lifted some heavier stuff than usual. Later, I'll swim laps
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          • Stairmaster: 60 seconds low intensity, 40 seconds high intensity, 30 seconds rest (15 Intervals)

            Weight Training

            Shoulders: Rear Military Press - Barbell (3 sets), Front Military Press - Barbell (1), Front Raises - Dumbbell (2), Side Raises - Dumbbell (2), Military Presses - Dumbbell (1)

            Bis - Dumbbell Curls (3), Dumbbell Hammers (1), Machine One Arm Curls (1), Preacher Curls (2)

            After reading a lot of your workouts, I want to add more crossfit, KB, interval cardio, pushups, pull-ups, etc.


            • ran 3 miles this a.m. then Crossfit this afternoon: 3 rounds for time: 400 metre run, 30 wall ball, 30 box jumps.


              • Krav Maga conditioning tonight!

                3 mins jump rope.
                2 mins stretch
                kettlebell warm up(30 secs couple different manuvers with 35lb bell)
                2 mins lunges w/45lb kettlebell
                2 mins step-up on plyo-box with 35lb bell each hand.
                2 mins squats w/35lb each hand
                2 mins kettlebell swing series w/45lb bell.

                3 mins bag work punch
                20 push ups
                20 bench dips
                20 sit-ups
                20 leg-lifts
                3 mins bag work kick/knee
                3 mins bag work punch/kick/knee combos.

                5 mins various ab routine.
                5 mins stretch.


                • Walked the dog 2 miles

                  Power Clean 1-1-1-1-1
                  Push Press 1-1-1-1-1
                  Pull Ups 3x10
                  Dips 3x15

                  Feeling pretty wrecked today. Tomorrow will definitely be a rest day.
                  "Suffer no guilt yee who wield this in the name of Crom"
                  Quote on the Father's Sword


                  • Last Night 1 hour (~12km) ski paddling (intervals at about 50-75% or in my case just plugging along at 60% which is just under race pace)

                    This morning swim squad traing 1 hour 2200m covered various drills and intervals/sets. Surfs up and offshores so plan early knock off from work and surf this afternoon (play time). Calfs feeling better so this weekend will ease back into light jogging doing the coach to 5km progression starting at week 3
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                    • Weight Training: Chest, Back

                      1 mile jog warmup.
                      2 miles of intervals (walk, jog, sprint, walk, jog, sprint…)
                      1 mile jog cool down.

                      Stretch and Ab straps


                      • Is there any new challenges on the horizon just now (since the kb 10,000 swings is finishing)?

                        It would be great if there was a different challenge each month.

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                        • A tabata set of sledgehammer overhead chops.
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                          • Kettle bell 300 for time, 100 swings with 25kg bell then 5 Turkish getups (each side) with the 12 kg bell - done 3 times (300 swings hence the name). Did it in 25 mins took 5mins off my last time done three weeks ago.

                            Followed up with 5 mins of 10 mountain climbers, 5 pushups, 5 pull ups per minute, tried for ten minutes but I am smashed after big week of training.

                            Last night I did 1/2 hour of flowing yoga, warmups and 100 reps as per my mad methods site. That was after a fun 2.5hr surf.

                            "Times fun when you are having Flies" Kermit the frog


                            • Coming an hour after a dinner including a big piece of salmon (protein), new potatoes (carbs) and sauerkraut.

                              12kg kettlebell snatches - five with each hand.

                              30 Hindu squats, three sets of ten with 60 secs rest in between.

                              16kg kettlebell clean & presses, five with each hand.

                              100 20kg two-handed kettlebell swings in four sets of 25, 60 secs rest in between.

                              60 secs rest in between each exercise.

                              This is a relatively big workout for me, so I'm trying to ease into things. If it works, I may combine some of the exercises into supersets.

                              Comments welcome from those with an experienced eye.
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                              • 4.3 mi. of fast pace walk on a 2.5% grade incline. This, as an effort to cut back on cardio