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  • Sprint intervals: 2-mile warm up, 12 x 200m sprints with jog back after each, 2-mile cool down. 8.1-miles total.
    3x10 pull ups
    3x10 chin ups


    • LHT legs:

      5 min jog warmup

      5x5 Squats
      5x5 Romanian Deadlift
      5x5 Standing Calf Raise
      3x8 Front Squats
      3x8 Combo Narrow Stance Leg Press
      3x12 Leg Curl
      3x12 Leg Extension
      3x12 Weighted Back Hyperextensions

      I know it's not textbook primal by the blueprint layed out here, but I've lifting/bodybuilding for over a decade now and this is represents a fusion of PB and traditional bodybuilding workouts. Been getting great results by doing so.
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      • What do you do for upper body. This looks like a great lower body day I may have to steal it from you![SIGPIC]


        • Upper body is divided up into 4 days (sometimes 3), and rotates on a 4 week schedule. It'd be a very long post, but I'd be happy to send it as a message if you're interested.


          • If you don't mind the time that would be great! I'm feeling a bit lost with my workouts ATM!


            • Warm Up: 45 sec grok squat, 30 sec grok hang

              (50 Pull up challenge) 5 sets: 1. 3 Pull ups, 2. 4 Chin Ups, 3. 3 Pull ups, 4. 3 Chin ups, 5. 2 Pull ups
              (100 Push up challenge) 5 sets: 1. 10 Push ups, 2. 12 Push ups, 3. 8 Push ups, 4. 8 Push ups, 5. 12 Push ups
              (200 Squat Challenge) 5 sets: 1. 13, 2. 16, 3. 13, 4. 13, 5. 16

              Pre Primal
              January 2010
              215 LBS 40 in waist

              170 LBS 36 in waist
              Goal (1) Look Great Naked (and visible abs)
              Goal (2) More defined muscles and functional strength
              Goal (3) Achieving Mastery level in Convict Conditioning


              • Walked the dog 1 mile

                30:30 Ellypitical Intervals (elevation 11, Resistance 6) 20:00

                Kenpo 60:00
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                Quote on the Father's Sword


                • Hill sprints. x20/:10
                  Here's my hill:

                  [IMG] hill by jens1980, on Flickr[/IMG]
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                  • game 3 of rec league hoops.

                    we're 0-2 but looking to change that tonight.


                    • Body weight 158lbs

                      5 minute warm up on stationary bike.

                      Flat bench 70lb dumbbell chest press 3 sets 6 reps
                      Dips + 45lb weight 3 sets 8 reps to failure

                      Pull ups body weight + added weight full stretch nice and slow
                      Pull ups + 25lb 1 set 5 reps
                      Pull ups + 15lb 1 set 5 reps
                      Pull ups + 10lb 1 set 5 reps


                      • Back Squat 3x5 @ 165 lbs (still working up slowly to nurse a back tweak from bad form)
                        Bench Press 3x5 @ 150 lbs
                        Pull-up 3x5 @ body weight + 7.5 lbs

                        Plus probably walk the dog after dinner.
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                        • Climbing down a granite ledge 20' down to tie rope to deer taken with my bow, back up the ledge to haul up with a rope, cleaned the deer, then carted it out on friends cart hauler.
                          You'll never see the light if you're in someone else's shadow, or said another way, life is like a dog sled team, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes


                          • Today was sprints/intervals on the bike. I've had a splitting headache all afternoon/evening, but today just sucked it up and completely and utterly killed the interval workout today. Not sure how/why, but I absolutely hammered it today. Still have the headache though.


                            • Today was gardening. 3 hours of mixed light and heavy work. I was cutting up, crashing up and carrying away an inch thick, more than human height dahlias - it was quite a year for dahlias and normally I wait for the first frost to soften them up, but the forcast looks like 'warm going into a sudden snow storm' so I started on them. Got about dozen of the plants, about half of them... Well, that, digging up the tubers and carrying the endless bags of the leaves and stems made a good enough moving slowly!
                              My Journal:
                              When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.


                              • 0-3, another loss, but our best game yet; dropped 5 points, 1 swat, some boards, good pick (i set good picks now that i've been squatting),

                                and a lot of running jumping, some sprints, some light jog; basketball is the best for overall the fitness, oh yea.