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    At age 50, did the following in a "CrossFit Total" workout two weeks ago:

    Back squat: 365 (up from 330 early in the summer)
    Strict Press: 140 (up from 130)
    Deadlift: 415 (up from 405)

    We were limited to 3 attempts at each weight. If I'd been allowed one more attempt at each, I'm sure I would have done 145 for the press and 425 for the DL.

    I also moved my bench press PR from 175 to 190 recently. My presses are lagging a bit due to a rotator cuff injury last winter, but I'm finally almost 100% there.


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      Originally posted by Fitness Wayne View Post
      Damn, that is impressive! How much do you weigh?
      I think bainjohnop was a spambot copying my text. I weigh around 165 lbs, so the total weight is around 290 if you include full body weight. Oddly, this is waaay more than I can bench. My bench press is around 200lbs, but I don't do it often at all. I've been doing weighted chins for a few years now and doing them on a 5/3/1 template for over a year.

      @WeldingHank: That is very impressive. The most consecutive pistols I've done is 2.