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  • Looking for outdoor jungle gym

    Hi all,

    I'm interesting in working out more outside, so I'd like to install some kind of jungle gym in my backyard. I'm looking for something simple, like something you find in a park or on the streets of China (those who have been there probably know what I'm referring to). My only requirement is that it be long-lasting, and enable me to work on pullups. Ideally it would just consist of two metal bars coming out of the ground with a bar connecting them at the top.

    I'm wondering if you guys had any idea where I could buy such a thing. I'm pretty sure it exists, but I have no idea where to start looking.


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    My brother and I built a contraption like what you are describing in his backyard, albeit a little more complicated.

    You can read all about how we made it here: backyard pull-up bar
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      I'd go with a build your own approach too, there are all sorts of ways to do it depending on your space and what you can get your hands on - old bike frames, scaffolding, fence posts, railway sleepers, plumbing pipe-work.

      You don't HAVE to fix it in with 40 tonnes of concrete, or make it stong enough to withstand a direct thermo-nuclear blast, but if you can why the hell not
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        go to a local hardware store and buy some 8-10 foot 4x4 posts. dig holes, place the posts in there and cement them in. buy an inch- inch and a half diameter bar and you can drill a hole towards the top (the best) or carve rounded half circles in the top to place the bar in. i just did it and it works great for pull ups (: medical tape it though so you get a better grip and the bar doesn't slide! good luck


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          These are great ideas. I hadn't even considered building one myself. Might do this as the next home-improvement project.


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            they have some workout gear in Boston along the Charles River running paths. Maybe Chicago has something similar?
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