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anyone else's ankles hurt after running/ jogging??

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  • anyone else's ankles hurt after running/ jogging??

    literally after every time i've gone jogging lately my ankles hurt during and afterwards. they usually never hurt unless it's a lot of running, but recently, my ankles have been hurting after seconds of running or jump roping or jumping jacks. does anyone possibly know why this is?

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    Could it be time to replace your shoes? It always sneaks up on me. I'm always like, " But I just got these!". Then I think back, and it's 6 months ago.


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      i got mine about two months ago and they're still in great shape, so i have no idea what's going on!


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        My ankles would hurt after running. I switched to minimalist shoes and that problem disappeared. I am sure there are several reasons why this might happen, but that was my experience.

        I love my Merrell Dash Gloves.
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          I started jogging again and noticed I'd be limping afterwards for a day or two. It might be the way I jog but I'm going to lay off for a few weeks. I've just noticed it since I got the new shoes. I'm going to try the older shoes in a few weeks and hopefully that was it.


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            My ankles don't hurt but I'm finding that I can still feel the muscle ache on my legs 3, even 4, days after a running or squat session. I'm wondering if this is just because I am new to runs and squats though. For example I can do 100 press-ups in a session and not feel any ache in my upper body, but 30 squats/1 sprinting session and my legs ache for days after.


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              Natural Running Center
              Spend some time here and start learning how to run in a way that doesn't hurt your joints and bones. Temporary pain might be tolerable, as your muscles need to adapt.

              Fix this now, before you leave for basic training. The Army chews up people that don't know how to run, because it doesn't know how to teach them to do it properly, so the solution is simply, "More miles, faster".


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                You're probably over striding.
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