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getting back into shape after 8 weeks

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  • getting back into shape after 8 weeks

    I havent been able to work out in 8 weeks due to an injury/surgery and I want to get back into shape pretty quickly. I am used to doing a lot of cardio instead of weights and am not really sure what is best for my small-boned body. As some women can relate on this site, I used to try to do some weighted squats and felt that my thighs got pretty muscular from that, which I don't really love.

    I do however notice that although I havent really gained or lost weight in these past 8 weeks, due to watching my diet, I can feel the fat in my stomach, so something has changed. I have focused on core workouts this entire time but it really has not done anything for me.

    Any advice how to get back into shape quickly, while also transitioning from not being able to really walk for 8 weeks? I do not want to bulk up my frame either.