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  • Check out the Razor Hybrid Crossover

    I just finished building a website for a client and I think you might find his training ideas and new product useful. Ben has been featured on the cover of Iron Man magazine and has been a spokesmodel for (where his new product will be featured this week).

    If anything, watch some of his exercise videos and workouts to see what muscle groups they are targeting. It's good stuff. He even has a nutrition section although it's not completely primal. I've talked to him about incorporating some primal menus in the future or even have some guest posts from some of us primal eaters.

    I've just started the program and I'm looking forward to merging his workouts with my primal meals. I've lost weight since I started primal 2 years ago and I'm down to the normal weight range for my height, but I never really got back into shape. Ben's system looks easy enough to manage from home or on the road and doesn't take a huge chunk of time or space which I like.

    Sorry if I sound like an infomercial. I don't get anything for promoting Ben's stuff. After reading Mark's post today on fitness, I thought maybe I should mention it.

    Take a look at his Razor Hybrid Crossover and let me know what you think.
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