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Varying your HIIT

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  • Varying your HIIT

    So I went to the gym yesterday and did 8x 30s/30s (active rest) HIIT on the bike.

    Today I went to the Heavy bag and did 6x 20s/10s (rest) HIIT.....true Tabata style.

    Thinking of doing some running 8x 1m/1m (active rest) tommorow.

    Maybe throw in 1-2 days a week of HIT resistance exercise.

    How likely would you be to burn out from such a cross training approach to HIIT? Its rough yes and your on the ground for like 10 minutes after the intervals gasping for air.....but don't you just feel GREAT for the rest of the day? I know I do. I think I'm getting addicted, so I was working to vary the intervals to train slightly different metabolic pathways as well as cross-training to reduce joint and muscle overuse stress.

    Any comments? I don't think this will work daily....eventually I'm going to need a rest day I'm sure, but on the other hand we are talking about 4-15 minutes/day of hard work.

    Perhaps it is completely doable. I recall seeing an 80 something year old fella running the iron man in Hawaii. They asked him his secret and he said "I go anaerobic every single day of my life"....I mean that could be akin to what I'm talking OR it could just mean he lifts everyday....not sure. Wish he would have elaborated.

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    If I was stronger (a LOT stronger) this is the kind of high impact thing I would do. Sometimes we do very much less strenuous versions of this in my fitness class. 3 sets of 3 different things together, then 3 sets of 3 others, and another 3 sets of 3 others etc. for about 40 minutes. It kills me.
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      Play it by feel, I guess. When I make overly ambitious plans, I get burned out and lose motivation very quickly. If I can't motivate myself to do the workout I have planned, it usually means I've tried to plan more than I can do. At that point I have to re-evaluate my plan (not just that one workout, but the whole plan), and scale it back a bit, either in volume, frequency, or intensity.


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        I think it's important to keep activities relative to goals. Staying active every day is cool but high intensity work (true high intensity) every day might not actually be supportive of any long term goals that you might have.

        As jfreaksho says - adjust as you go.
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          i don't think every day will last all that long, but getting in a good amount of HIT workouts per week sounds great to me. i spent a month getting in 3-4 metcon workouts per week, along with other workouts, and i felt great. i did get a little tired of it by the end of the month, but you're absolutely right about how it feels for the rest of the day after a short, intense session.

          in fact, this sounds like a good experiment worth trying. i'm not sure what kind of measurable outcomes would be useful to consider, but fat loss, endurance and general fitness standards might all see improvements, along with some kind of self assessment in energy, hunger, mental sharpness, etc. would all be interesting to learn.