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The Way Forward is The Way Back

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  • The Way Forward is The Way Back

    I was talking with a psychologist who works with Alzheimers patients, he said that one of the ways to keep a brain "young" was to go back and do the things you used to do as a kid/teen.

    Now I hate organized exercise. Running, blech...going to the gym, double blech!

    I was thinking about the "Playtime" part of the Primal plan and I thought about how the way forward is the way back! I used to be an ice skater. I loved the feeling of freshly cleaned ice under my feet, and the cool wind across my face. So I bought a pair of skates and went to the rink. After reacquainting myself with my balance, I had a great time. Now I have incorporated it into my moving more day! I also added hitting a tennis ball against the wall, playing kick ball with my nieces and nephews (complete with a big red rubber ball)...

    Then I thought, sprints, blech! But the way forward is the way back. So I went out and bought a jumprope. I loved jumping rope as a kid. Now I jump rope instead of the sprints!

    So I started thinking, hmmm... lift heavy things... Does climbing trees or playground junglegyms count?

    So I want to encourage all of you to think back at what you used to do. What brought you joy and go out and do it again. Re-connect your neural pathways and keep your brain young too!

    Share what you used to do as a kid, and might like to try again!