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    I'm a physical therapist and I'm a proponent of minimalist shoes so we're out there. Hopefully you'll end up with someone who can help get this straightened out. It's my own belief that traditional shoes and arch supports might actually contribute to Achilles problems, but there can be a number of factors and it's probably worthwhile talking it over with the physio especially since you mentioned taking that tumble as well. An Achilles rupture is a major injury and like another poster mentioned the tendon usually starts weakening first so I take it seriously whenever I feel any tendon pain, especially since I'm in that age range when it's likely to happen.

    This is an article that gives a better overview of Achilles Tendon Injuries.


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      Thanks for the link, interesting reading, I'm becoming more convined it's an overuse injury that happeded due to the stress caused by falling down the steps. I am also thinking I might go back to wearing normal shoes every other day (I'm wearing completly flat cheap skate style trainers from asda (part of your glorious wal-mart chain) with very thin soles that cost me the grand sum of 10. These are a fairly recent purchase too. It might give the tendon a bit of rest by keeping it shorter.

      The angle flexation exsersies look interesting, but my first thought was, that won't stretch my ankle at all, but I've always had pretty flexable and strong ankles - possible from years of skating as a kid.

      I might try lowering myself on one calf - see how it feels, if it feels fine I'll do that as recovery excersise.

      Thanks again you guys are great
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