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Prison workout then sprinting?

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  • Prison workout then sprinting?

    Hey everyone i'm a loooong long time lurker here, I just wanted to quickly ask would it be beneficial to do the prison workout then sprint afterwards? Or keep them to separate days. Would it be considered HIIT? Thanks

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    I did both yesterday, as I do on occasion.
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      I always sprint after my workouts if I'm crunched for time or have a busy week. I sprint after squat and deadlifting sessions as well, you're legs will get stronger and get used to it, just get rest and recover and don't listen to anyone who is afraid to do it because they will be "burnt out" or whatever excuse they need.


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        I doubt that you will find an issue with doing both on the same day. The human body is capable of extreme amounts of physical activity before you reach chronic. Those that do reach chronic stages also tend to be eating poorly, not enough nutrition and calories, and high levels of exercise for hours on end every day. If that doesn't describe you, then you have nothing to worry about.