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physically damaging blue collar jobs vs. "healthy" fitness lifestyle ??

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    working in autoparts. often unload 500+lbs of freight by hand every day, I love doing it. Now I find different ways to lift things to turn the whole thing into a small work-out.

    I used to work on cars, lots of holding in a single position, also lots of bending over. I won't every do that again.


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      Originally posted by jakey View Post
      big, huge difference between working out & being active, and working a construction job.

      when i lift weights, i use perfect form and control tempo & function. when i volunteer with habitat for humanity and do house construction, i simply have far less control over angles, pressure, moment arms, body positioning, repetition, muscle recruitment... the job just needs to get done, and i'm often sore afterwards (not in the way i'd ideally want).
      Seems like construction is much more Paelo and mov. natural (vs. contrived and limited ranges of motions in a gym)

      Otherwise, good points:
      • Recovery is a big factor (gotta work 5 days in a row)
      • Repetitive strain is another (not an issus with paleo fitness)
      • Inhaling and using toxic materials and contaminants