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  • My CC Workout

    I'm taking a break in my workouts for a few days, so I thought I'd post a little something about my routine. It's based around Convict Conditioning by Paul "Coach" Wade and it's followup, Convict Conditioning 2, with some elements added from other books, such as Raising the Bar by Al Kavadlo, Super Joints and The Naked Warrior by Pavel Tsatsouline, and You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren.

    I wish I had Convict Conditioning years ago--it has been a watershed in my workout routine. I saw Wade state somewhere that the book is not a "program", it's an "approach". The approach is that you can take the basic bodyweight exercises and use leverage, assistance or one/two limbs to dial in the exact intensity that you need. I suppose I always knew that some variations of exercise moves were easier or harder, but it never occurred to me what a full range of possibilities existed or to base my whole approach on utilizing these variations. Once you read the book, you will know how to customize your workout to your specific needs.

    Another fundamental of the book is to use exercises which work multiple muscle groups together, as our bodies are meant to function. This is the opposite of bodybuilding, which often emphasizes isolation of muscles when lifting. This does not train your muscles to act as a unified system and can also lead to strength imbalances.

    Since I am just beginning this, I am trying to keep it simple and easy. Wade bases his book on what he calls the "Big Six" exercises. I would tend to say that there are really the "Big Three", pushups, pullups and squats. Everything else is more or less supplemental. So here is my routine, as it currently exists.

    I am using a four-day routine, each with one major element and one or more supplemental exercises, plus a day for sprints. I had been using a two-day routine, but I was getting antsy on the off days, so I do a little something most every day.

    Day One: (Pulling)
    - Pullups, Bridges and Grip Work

    Day Two: (Legs)
    - Squats and Calf Raises

    Day Three: (Core)
    - Leg Raises and Planks

    Day Four: (Pushing)
    - Pushups and Spinal Twists

    Day Five:
    - Sprints (haven't been doing much here, nursing a tender hamstring)

    Then comes 0-2 days rest, depending how my parts are feeling. I fill in a fair amount of joint and flexibility work, though that is more as the whim strikes me than a set program. I plan to stick with this through the rest of the year probably. Maybe a shakeup will be in order then.

    So there it is. Comments? Questions? Snarks? Fire away. I was going to post this in my journal, but, umm, nobody reads my journal.

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    I'm using the 3 day routine on my Starting Strength days. So far, I like it. I took dude's advice and started from the very beginning, even though I feel like I'm working below my capacity, so combining the two hasn't caused any issues yet. We'll see if that changes as both programs progress.


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      I have broken mine up over 5 days

      Day 1
      2xLever Pushups per arm
      1x ring dips
      fingertip pushups,
      Finger hangs
      Ab work

      Day 2
      1 legged squats
      Dead lifts

      Day 3
      HS pushups
      Kettle bell press

      Day 4
      Press flags
      Clutch flags

      Day 5
      Static finger tip hold
      One arm hangs
      Lunges or plyometric box jumps
      Inverted Rows

      In between days I walk, sprint, climb etc
      Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
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        How long have you been doing that? Does the pushups one day and the HS pushups another day seem like a lot of wear and tear on the triceps and shoulders? I do some Pike Pushups, but I work them in on my pushups day.


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          I have always been active but I have been training with weight and KB for 4-5 years consistently now. I would have to double check my log but I believed I moved to CC around May this year.

          There is no way I could do them bother on the same day. After doing the levers and dips I would not be able to manage the handstand pushups. That is one reason why I moved bridges to another day.

          Keep in mind it is not 5 days on the go...I have blocked 3 days in between where I walk/sprint/climb etc but I try and keep no more that 3 days between sessions. For example today was Day 1, but tomorrow i am climbing. Thursday should be Day 2 but I may choose to sprint to give my back a rest from climbing depending on how I am feeling.
          Eating primal is not a diet, it is a way of life.
          Don't forget to play!


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            I think the key question is - does it work for you?
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