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Help! Newbie in need of support!

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  • Help! Newbie in need of support!

    Hi everyone,

    I am new to primal living & this site. On October 1st I went primal after 22 years of being a vegetarian. I want to lose weight (about 40 pounds) as well as the chronic low back pain that I am convinced is diet/inflammation related.

    I have been doing well with the diet...eating fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, butter, olive oil and drinking water and herbal and green tea...and have experienced only a few days of "carb flu" and NO digestive issues (amazing considering how long I was a vegetarian!).

    I lost about 3 1/2 pounds my first week!

    My biggest challenge right now: I need to work exercise into my life again.

    Exercise has been closely aligned with "dieting" all my life. I would start some insane diet along with over exercising...this would be my religion for as long as it lasted...then I'd crash...binge, stop exercising...and regain the weight. A frustrating cycle, to say the least.

    I need to integrate exercise back into my life and love it because it feels good and is good for me...and have FUN. I understand that this is the primal way, but I'm having a hard time finding MY way.

    I enjoy walking and swimming...but city walks (I live in Philadelphia) are a far cry from hiking on a wooded trail or walking on a beautiful beach...and going to the gym to swim...well...I love the swimming, but fighting traffic to get there and the sheer amount of time involved before and after is prohibitive.

    I'm absolutely convinced that I need to get myself moving again...and I will...but I just needed to kevetch for a minute, I guess!

    I am open to suggestions and support!

    Other than that, I've been enjoying this new way of eating and finding that it wasn't nearly as difficult to make the change as I thought it would be...

    Hope to be a "success story" one day!


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    if i lived in the city, i would take advantage of the fact i could go to things like yoga classes, pole dancing classes, go to the gym and weight train more than once a week. in terms of walking, get an ipod or mp3 player and go for a walk. i do know someone who puts books on her ipod and listens to them. you can do body weight exercises at home. alot of it is developing a habit that is maintainable and picking something you enjoy so as you dont find excuses to bunk off. also walk as many places as possible so park a block away, take the stairs etc.