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  • Advice on mixing things up?

    So, my strength gains have slowed down. I knew it was inevitable. They haven't stopped, but they are definitely slower. So I'm thinking I should tweak things just a bit to see what happens, but I'm undecided as to how.

    Goal : strength, with fat loss as a secondary goal. Strength is priority. I'll take any size gains that come with strength-focused training, but for now, hypertrophy isn't a priority.

    M, W, F - starting strength with two additional accessory exercises per day, plus convict conditioning (2 work sets of 2 moves per day.
    T, Th - metcons or sprints
    Sat - whatever I feel like. Sometimes dance, sometimes yoga, sometimes heavy gardening.
    Sun - rest

    So, what would be better? I'm definitely going to stick with SS, but could everything else be hindering progress? Here are the possibilities I've thought of so far:

    1. Quit metcons and sprints for now, and focus on weights (more rest time)
    2. Do SS on Mon and Fri, but doing all 6 CC moves on Wed.
    3. Quit CC and get rid of the accessory moves, and do a few sprints after SS (core lifts only) on M,W,F and rest on T, Th

    I also get plenty of slow movement, so I don't count it as exercise per se. Just fun.

    I don't think I'm overtraining necessarily, but I know that adequate rest is so important for strength development.
    I'm not concerned about fat loss slowing down if I stop the metcons/sprints - if that's what it takes to make bigger gains in the gym, that's cool. I don't have a ton to lose anyway. "Strong like bull" is absolutely my goal.

    So, what say you? Or should I just keep going like I am and eventually things will pick back up?

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    That is a lot of working out. I'd eat more and dump the tuesday/thursday metcons.... and eat more food.
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      That'd definitely be too much for me- I was making pretty good progress on SS 2x/week (MF) with Wednesday being a sprint day. However, I'm old and need my recovery time.


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        Originally posted by Miscellangela View Post
        "Strong like bull" is absolutely my goal.
        Sound like you need to focus on that and cut the other stuff out, maybe just lift 3x/wk and 1x sprint. Eat, sleep, repeat [isn't that someones screen name here?]
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          So now the question becomes, "what is rest?"

          As it stands, sunday is my only dedicated rest day, so i'm careful not to do anything more active than just incidental walking around and maybe playing with my dog. But if i drop the Tuesday and Thursday workouts, suddenly I have three rest days. Does this mean I could still be active on those days as long as it's not intense? Or would they have to be complete and utter rest days?

          I just really like how I feel when I'm active. If I have to forego that for awhile while I build strength, I guess I could do that. I guess my question is what level of activity could I maintain outside the gym without interfering with my gains inside the gym? I've looked around on bodybuilding forums and such, but they all seem to be about"teh gunz", and think that any activity above coma level will instantly suck the muscle right off.


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            Yes you can be active on rest days, play, sprint, climb whatever you enjoy. It is a rest from heavy lifting not from enjoying life.

            Depending on how long you have been lifting for it may be time to ditch the starting program and focus on a good advanced program like Madcow, 531, etc.
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              Can you go full intensity working out that much? If you're hitting a plateau, it sounds like you need to mix it up. I'm not familiar with a lot of programs (like others here) but in You Are Your Own Gym I was introduced to the idea of periodization, where you cycle from low intensity, high-volume to high-intensity, low-volume over the course of a 10-week program, and you never do the same routine more than 3 weeks in a row. He explains it in the book--might be good to check out.