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just how bad for you is it to train for and rune one marathon? thoughts?

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  • just how bad for you is it to train for and rune one marathon? thoughts?

    I know that I will never be or want to be an endurance runner - I don't have the time, the body type and I certianly don't have the desire. I know from research, observation and personal experience that big distance running is bad for your body on several levels.... but...

    I really want to run a regional marathon in December. I've always wanted to and for the first time in my life I can (with some additional training). I know it is a little petty to want to do it just as a notch in my belt, but really want to unless convinced that the damage it'll do is too great.

    I've always hated running, for years because I couldn't run (too fat) and recently, I've been miserable when running but accepted it as a need tool chasing weight-loss and fitness goals.

    I actually enjoyed running for the first time the other day about mile 10 of a tough mudder, so am not so worried about the training being miserable.

    How bad for you is a marathon and the training for it - considering it is a serious, but not overwhelming, step up from my current running and considering that it is likely a one-time event?


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    If it's something you really want to do, then do it. I don't think a single marathon when you're 29* will do too much damage.
    If you were starting from a low level of fitness or you wanted to do five a year I think it'd be worse.

    Having said that I know almost nothing about marathon training, so I'm not sure if 2 months is long enough to prepare.

    * Guessing your age at random


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      I think it's fine to do stuff like this, it's overtraining day in and day out and not allowing time for recovery that causes the damage. If you are running 10 miles now (that's what I presume, though not sure by the way you've written it) I would guess you would be fine to up the level to 26 miles plus by december, it's a big jump over not many weeks, but you sound like you have a good base level to start with.

      People have been running huge distances for thousands (possibly millions) of years, running prey to exhaustion, that ability is in our genes. I personally intend to do a marathon at some point soon, just for the experiance, I'm doing my first 10 mile trail run at the end of the month, so not far off a half, so probably next year, especially if I can find a trail marathon not too far away.

      Of course you do need to do it in vibrams to be truly primal not over cushioned arch supporting running shoes
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        Distance running gets a bad rap from a lot of the primal community, but I don't think it's so bad. I've done a few half marathons, a full marathon and a triathlon - and haven't succumbed to the woes of "chronic cardio."

        Here's an article I wrote about running that you might find helpful. (Click the link!)
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          I did a marathon. Lol, it did hurt at the end. My advice would be to train for your marathon, but keep up some weight/strength training. My core got kind of weak and it ended up messing with my back which had NOTHING to do with running, and everything to do with going from Pilates 3x a week to nary a sit up.

          Give yourself time to train though. 2 months might not cut it, but if you are to 10 miles, and at mile 10, it's fun, you might be able to expand things faster.

          I dunno, I did a marathon, I was fat. I was fine. I feel like most people with issues push themselves too hard....and to be honest, if it wasn't marathon training they pushed too hard, it would be a Cross Fit injury or something else.

          It's the person, not the sport.

          Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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            I am not sure it will be as much fun as the Tough Mudder but if you enjoy it!
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              Go to Phil Maffetone's website. He knows how to properly train for endurance running. If you follow his methods you'll have to take a huge ego hit when you see how out of shape you really are. If you follow his methods you will train safely and very effectively. You'll basically become an endurance running fat-burning beast.
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                I feel like most people with issues push themselves too hard


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                  Thanks for all the feedback - brandymerrit and magnolia1973... you nailed it, I have issues.