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What happened to those of you that quit CrossFit?

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    When lifting, pulling, pushing, or whatever, I focus entirely on form and heavy weight. I don't care if I turn in the slowest time of the day. I think I get better results (increased strength) by focusing on form and heavier weights than jerking myself and some weights around while trainers yell at me to not stop.
    I applaud this. Especially if you've got coaches who are rushing you through lifts at the expense of form. Baaaaad.

    I'm not sure if I see the point of kipping. My goal is to increase my strength and ability to pull myself up not to increase my ability to do as many pull ups in a specific period of time.
    I think people who don't see the point of kipping are still thinking of kipping pullups as a substitute for a strict pullup, when it's better to think of them as just a completely different exercise. It uses much more in the way of core strength and gymnastic ability than the shoulder/back strength that's the focus of pullups. It's meant to develop the hollow body position and gymnastic technique that will eventually allow you to do kip-ups and other more difficult bar work. It's basically cardio bar work (ergo, useful in metcons) that happens to mimic the end result of a pullup, so the word "pullup" is tossed in there, but in my mind, they're apples and oranges.

    When I wanted to do a pullup, I practiced doing pullups, not kipping. When I wanted to do kipping pullups, I practiced kipping, not pullups. Being able to do one does not mean you're able to do the other (I know lots of people who can only do one or the other--yes, this includes people who can do strict pullups but can't get the hang of kipping).


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      when I did CrossFit we did work on kipping pull up as a separate practice from normal pull ups.
      When you couldn't do strict pull ups, like I couldn't you worked with bands and progressed down from there.


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        OP, I know I might be a little late to the show for you, have you looked at Military Athlete or Mountain Athlete? Same owner just two different training plans based on your needs as an athlete. Military Athlete's Operator Sessions are designed for someone in the Military who needs certain things in their fitness plan. Mountain Athlete's Base Fitness does the same thing for backpackers, climbers, ski, snowboarders, mountain runners, mountain bikers, etc... Just a thought that these two places may be a better place for you to be looking.


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          Cross training aka crossfit was developed to train athletes during their off season. They only did this once or twice a week depending on the sport they played. If you want to get in shape without injury begin with basic bodyweight exercises and some cardio on a treadmill or bike or some sort of cardio machine. This will allow your muscles and joints adequate time to adjust to the new specific demands you place on your body.

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            CrossFit and cross-training are not the same thing. Yeah, both terms contain the word "cross" and both might mean that you do more than a single primary sport or movement.


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              Originally posted by sbhikes View Post
              The fear of injury plus feeling like I'm not strong or fit enough for crossfit has kept me from trying it. At least if it is free you can go to the first session and leave and never come back if you don't like it.
              I think a lot of CF boxes will let you try out a class for free so you probably can try one too and not go back if you don't like it. I think you'll be fine at CF. There is very little pressure on women; everything is scalable. Most guys there appear to go in with the ability to do pullups, and I've not seen a single guy scale a pullup with a band so if you're a guy who can't do a pullup then you might feel kind of weird. But maybe all guys have the ability to do pullups regardless of fitness level? I don't know. I have a lot of trouble with pullups and bar work in general.

              I have close to non-existent upper body strength, but I manage it anyway b/c everything can be scaled. I think you'd want a minimal amount of conditioning though; otherwise, CF would feel very hard for you, and you might not like it. I think if you can do 50 burpees without dying, you're good to go.

              Omg, I love CF so much. I don't think I could ever stop. I was planning on moving back to my home state at the end of the summer, but I'm postponing the move b/c if I move, I'm going to be unemployed until I find a job there. (Don't have a job lined up.) But if I'm unemployed, I'll have to stop crossfitting b/c it's so expensive so I really can't justify paying for it without a job (even though I'll have some savings). So yeah, postpone important life event for CF. I must be losing it.

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