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Made up my own fitness program, check it out!

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  • Made up my own fitness program, check it out!

    Hey all, just made up a good program that works pretty well, I tried lifting four days a week, then two, three, I wanted to sprint a lot, and then I wanted to add more bodyweight stuff, I just got a job freelancing in the city, so hours are pretty crazy, so I wanted bang for my buck, when i have a day off I lift heavy and with a fair amount of volume, and I sprints twice a week, that's the bare minimum. If I can I add a body weight, my goal was: The strength and balance of bodyweight movements, the strength of lifting heavy, and the endurance and muscle building of higher reps ( which will benefit your max reps)

    Sunday: play or walk
    Monday: Squat- 3 heavy seats of 1-5 reps
    Over head press- 3 heavy sets of 1-5 reps
    + rows, DB bench, chin ups, Dips 3x8-10
    Tuesday: sprints
    Wed: walk
    Thursday: Deadlift - 3x heavy sets of 1-5
    Bench - 3x heavy sets of 1-5
    + stiff leg deadlifts, leg press, lower back, abs 3x8-10
    Friday: walk
    Sat: Bodyweight total body workout + sprints ( if sore, or crunched for time, short sprint workout)