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Convict Conditioning and 5X5

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  • Convict Conditioning and 5X5

    Am I breaking into the realm of chronic strength training by splitting my week up with the Stronglifts 5X5 program along with Convict Conditioning work on the other days? I have tons of energy and enjoy working out before I go to work so I was thinking something like M,W,F doing the 5X5 then Tu, Th, Sat doing Convict Conditioning work at home.

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    Your body will adapt to that level of work, but it is not ideal if you are wanting to get strong. The body recovers best from a workout while resting. You can add your play, slow-movement and sprints in your off days too.
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      Depends on your goals. I have no trouble strength training every day, but if you're trying to gain size it might be harder with less rest. I sacrifice a little size by being so active, but I like being active more than being bulky. Know the signs of overtraining, and stop if you have them.


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        Thanks for the advice. I will see how it works


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          I couldn't handle that kind of volume. I did MF with Stronglifts, and sprints/CC on wednesdays. I need my rest days, and you will too if you are trying to build muscle.