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How's my fat burning workout?

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  • How's my fat burning workout?

    My primary goal is fat burn, and this has been my routine recently at the gym:
    • Squats
    • Deadlifts
    • Flat Bench Presses
    • Chin-ups
    • Dips
    • Dumbbell Rows

    Is more weight/less reps better than vice versa? Currently I've been doing 5 reps x 4 sets at the highest weight I feel I can, until I'm able to increase it.

    Thanks guys!

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    this looks pretty good. you definitely want to go with heavy weight and less reps to get that dense muscle building to burn fat. i would switch up those chin ups with pull ups once in a while to hit the back some more.

    what else are you doing? true, building muscle will help you burn fat, but it's better when added to springs and lots of walking/moving slowly (none of that, however, compares to what goes in your mouth). sprinting is intense, and pulls from body fat to fuel the body. tons of moving slowly does the same thing, minus the intensity.


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      What Primalrob said..... SPRINTS!


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        Well I usually do a warmup on the treadmill that involves a half kilometre jog and then 3 x 30 seconds sprints! Outwith the gym tho I have a dog which is great for walking and I usually try and do some outdoor sprints at the same time.

        Diet is the worst part just now. I kinda fell off the band wagon over summer, and have just started a new job at which there is an endless supply of "Cakes in the kitchen - help yourself!" emails that I'm finding it hard to resist! That and help yourself sandwich trolleys...


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          that's a fine workout to build muscle but if your goal is to lose fat, that ain't it. (And the whole "build muscle to burn fat" thing is kind of overblown. Not that muscle doesn't burn calories, but you'd need to slap on a whole lot of muscle to have any real effect).

          I'd suggest googling "barbell complexes" and doing that or other interval training to burn fat. Whether it's running intervals, kettlebell intervals, or barbell/dumbbell complexes, that's the best fat burning workout.