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So I suggested my school's gym get some kettlebells...

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  • So I suggested my school's gym get some kettlebells...

    ...and/or have a place for people to do CrossFit workouts (i.e. somewhere with a pullup bar, freeweights, mats, etc).

    And this was the response I got:

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for the comment card you filled out September 26, 2012, regarding Kettlebells and CrossFit. Unfortunately, the Student Recreation Center does not have adequate space and equipment required for Kettlebells and CrossFit workouts. Also, the SRC dumbbells can be used in a similar fashion compared to Kettlebells, which the Wellness programís personal trainers can demonstrate. Their website can be found here.

    Thank you,
    So, basically, they have rooms to do their retarded zumba, trendy-ab-fitness-bullcrap, weight machines, and like 30 ellipticals/treadmills/etc, but they "don't have room for kettlebells?"

    Dude, even the tiny-ass gym at the school where I went for undergrad (probably 1/5 the size of the gym here) had kettlebells. Fuck this place. I swear, this entire town is the definition of FAIL. Fitness fail, climbing fail, people fail, everything fail.

    Just needed to rant, whatever.
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