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post-workout meal for overweight men?

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  • post-workout meal for overweight men?

    I was 240lbs when I started being primal. I'm now 173; I have read that if you still have excess body fat, you should avoid carbs after a workout... that only those at the weight they want should eat high carb meals post-workout. They don't specify what I should eat though. I know keep it low in fat, and obviously eat protein... so then I only eat protein?

    Or should I not worry about it and just eat primal ... thanks for the help!

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    that advice is the whackness. first off, are you weight-training? what's the workout? if you're weight training, do eat carbs with your protein. frankly, i don't think it's such a big deal to mix in fat too, but if you're being conscious of overall caloric intake, it may be prudent to limit the fat. but carbs and protein should be your priority after weight training, regardless of your body fat percentage.


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      Pull ups, chin ups, push ups, sprints, squats.

      I don't care about calories, just make sure to eat primal is all I care about. I have lost all fat except belly.


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        From what I'm reading lately from the leangains site is not to eat AT LEAST and hour after your workout and that is when you want to take in your carbs. As the hodgetwins would say, SPIKE that insulin motherfucker!
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