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Erwan Le Corre : Natural Movement

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  • Erwan Le Corre : Natural Movement

    I'm sure it's been posted here many times, but I enjoyed this article when I first read it a year ago or so.

    It is about Erwan Le Corre, the owner of MovNat. He has the right idea about how humans should be exercising.

    Heres the link to the article:

    And the some videos Erwan has on Youtube.


    One thing I want to point out about his videos is his sprinting technique.

    Even though he is running very fast, he is very very relaxed. His arms are relatively low to his side, and he looks very comfortable.

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    Love the philosophy, but Erwin is really not very nice to talk to. When I posted a video of me talking about doing MovNat he stated something to the effect of "You do not know what MovNat is, you must get licensed to really know." Im like, isnt that contradictory to what his philosophy is? Isn't it all about getting in touch with the movement we already have inside us?

    He was a bit pompus and money hungry which turned me off to his program. Which is sad since I really was a fan. So now I say Im doing "Primal Movement" PrimMov. No trademark violations for Athena! I appreciate him spreading the philosophy of the natural workout but be nice to your fans and appreciate that they are talking about your philosophy. Don't bring them down because they dont have 3000$ dollars to spend on your vacation package!

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