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Broken Finger and Working Out

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  • Broken Finger and Working Out

    I dislocated my finger playing b-ball today. I am apprehensive about using my left hand until the swelling and pain decrease and I get full range of motion back.

    Any suggestions on exercises that put no pressure on the hands?

    Unfortunately, this means dead lifts, pull ups (my favorite), push ups, etc. are out until I heal. Squats and sprints should be fine, but what else for upper body?

    Note: this is why I respect Grok but sure am glad I can get my fingers popped back into place with x-rays and a local numbing's a minor injury but one that would be a huge pain (waaaay) back in the day!

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    If you take care of it correctly your finger won't take all that long to heal. In the meantime your upper body won't go soft either. Do core work which helps the entire body andf walking, lunging, sit ups, gravity sit ups and stretches will keep you going while you heal.

    I'm with you. I love Grok but also have a deep and healthy respect for my Doc!


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      Forearm planks, soldier/belly crawl (whatever you call it when you crawl forward on your forearms), or just walking around with a barbell in the crook of your elbows.


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        it depends so much on what finger u r talking about. about a year ago i broke my thumb in the gym- got i cought under a weight rack... stupid rusty old gymequipment!!!!

        N i got in all taped up n i was back in the gym next day doing all the normal upperbody stuff with the exception of pullups n pushups. otherwise my grip was ok n i used the gripropes (or what they r called in english) for help...

        challenge yourself
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          Second the forearm planks! You can shift your body forward over the top of your forearms/hands and then push back into a "down dog" position to get a more intense tricep exercise.

          If you have resistance bands (cheesy, I know, but useful) you can do curls and side raises etc with the band twisted around your wrist.

          Hope you heal up soon! I broke my pinky (of all things) playing football & it totally sucked.