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I hate lunges

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    Tried replacing lunges with step-ups in my warmup yesterday ... meh, I think I'll go back to doing lunges. Mostly because I couldn't get into a rhythm to alternate my legs efficiently, and the posse of curlbros hanging out in the corner where I warm up certainly didn't help.
    As for my at-home workouts ... might just give in and buy more weights. Holding a circular plate over my head seems to bother me less than holding a bar (only thing I have is a curl bar, which I add 2 10lb weights to so I get 25lbs).
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      I think I should have used the term 'fundamental' movements. Lunging is included in one of the 4 Pillars Of Human Movement, so I reckon it has some importance. But regarding actually doing a full lunge as part of an everyday move, no, probably not, but sections of that movement are utilised in all sorts of everyday moves when you really break it down.

      Here is a little bit about testing, Gray Cook has quite a bit to say about the subject if you youtube him

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      The 7 Basic Human Movements - Movemo Fitness : Movemo Fitness

      The Four Pillars of Human Movement

      Performance U. Fitness Continuing Education | | The 5 Pillars of Functional Movement!
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        Originally posted by EvRevFit View Post
        Overhead is more demanding when it comes to core stabilization and is a good sneaky way to develop shoulder stability.
        I like KB snatch to rear lunge for that type of thing, have you tried em???