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    I just bumped my Crossfit from 3 to 5 days a week (basically added a lifting class 2x per week), and while I'm still feeling good, I'm definitely more sore and fatigued than usual. I'm going to need to give the ol' bod some extra TLC while I get used to the heavier schedule. I asked a couple fellow xfitters about their favorite recovery foods/drinks or supplements, and I got a crazy laundry list of all kinds of potions--pre-workout energy drink, post-workout muscle recovery, joint recovery, midday recovery, nighttime stuff, it's kind of daunting. And it really feels very un-primal to be jacking myself up on all kinds of questionable powders and pills just to get through a workout. I want to be able to do it under my own ability.

    That said, I do need to fine-tune what I'm eating and when in order to maximize recovery. Right now I take fish oil and cal/mag/zinc daily, and whey+BCAA an hour pre-workout. I'm sore/fatigued but not too sore/fatigued (I've overtrained before and I know what that feels like), and my sleep is fantastic.

    What's everyone's favorite recovery foods/tips/tricks, both pre- and post-workout? Any certain foods that you find really help? If you do take a supplement regularly, what is it and how has it enhanced your workouts or recovery? Just trying to get a broad sampling of everyone's experiences.

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    Why more than 3 days/wk? If your training for the crossfit games, Maybe. Weight loss or health and thats too much IMHO. Whatever the reason, I would up the carbs on heavy days, Maybe up the protein a bit, lots of water, hot bath (not ice! check out mobilityWOD's video) Other than that, if your training 5 days a week get used to being and training sore at least till you adapt to that workload.
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      For whatever reason, I find that on lifting days, taking 500mg of Magnesium (usually with my PWO meal if I have one, if not just with whatever meal I eat next) seems to help with soreness, though I read that on some bodybuilding forum and then started doing it so it could just be a placebo effect
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        Magnesium will help relax the muscles. Just be careful, it will relax your bowels too.


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          I run a crossfit myself and I keep things very simple, sure there are lots of studies and really crazy great supplements but what I found was easy for most, and worked the best was this, just a sample of my day.

          Wake at 8am ( last meal was at 9pm the night before)
          coffee black 5g BCAA

          11-12pm Weight training ( 10g of BCAA 10-15 min before workout)

          1-2 Post workout meal ( usually eggs, avocado, bacon + omega 3 + vitamin D + multi V)

          hour after workout ( protien powder)

          Home 6-7 ( meat and veggie + omega 3)

          9 pm ( protein powder, or BCAA + ZMA )


          The body takes may be sore for a while but with proper nutrition and supplements the body will develop a higher work load capacity....manage your stress and listen to your body


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            Thanks everyone!


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              I've noticed that upping carbs pre and post work out is a must for really strenuous workouts. I mostly eat 'good morning bars' from Costco. They do unfortunately contain oats and a hybrid grain that I can't remember the name of, and a small amount of canola oil... That being said they have a lot of good things too like flax seeds, cranberries and coconut to name a few. To try and skew it in a more primal direction, I spread a healthy amount of Kerrygold butter on it with a dash of organic cinnamon and organic honey.


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                Originally posted by Kiowa View Post
                I've noticed that upping carbs pre and post work out is a must for really strenuous workouts.
                I agree.
                High intensity workouts always seem to go better for me when I consume carbs beforehand, and afterwards as well.
                That way, those extra carbs get used up, and allow you to get a good workout in and recover without having them settle around your waistline.
                Keeping carbs on the low side for meals that aren't around a workout works well too.
                I don't believe I need extra carbs to function in an optimal fashion while doing routine, everyday tasks, or low intensity stuff like walking, mowing the lawn, ect...