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  • Medicated workout?

    Before two of my last 5 or 6 heavy lifting sessions I had one cup of coffee and one 200 mg Ibuprofen. They were great sessions! Any issues with this practice?

    I do have a history with "Vitamin I", most likely from 50+ years of CW diet and the accompanying inflammation.
    (Before I went primal I was taking 600 mg first thing in the morning and 600 more on days I went to gym for racquetball just to head off joint pain.) Since primal and a supplement my Doc recommended 2 years ago to rebuild my gut environment the "Vitamin I" has been unnecessary. I may have taken 10 (1 at a time) for headaches during those 2 years.

    I don't see a problem with 1 twice a week to improve the workout -- mostly eases tendon, not joint discomfort.

    I am also working on flexability to ease the tendon discomfort.

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    the problems i see are two fold, though i'm sure there's more science-reasoning out there:

    1) you're taking something that makes you less aware of pain you're feeling, pain which may be your body's way of saying "this particulary move/way of doing this, doesn't feel right." that's a set-up for injury.

    2) lifting heavy things is designed to provoke a short term inflammation (not chronic!). you're blunting that effect, and thereby blunting the point of the exercise.

    basically, if something hurts too much when you do it, you probably should figure out a different way of doing it. pain is a signalling system for your body, and not something to be ignored.


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      I absolutely agree with your general point, for example, I do not bench press. I have a bone spur and it not only hurts but it also inflames my rotator cuff. But I can decline bench -- no pain.

      What the Ibuprofen is easing is soreness and stiffness -- doesn't feel to me like potential injury.


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        you get stronger by tearing muscle tissue and letting your body repair it.

        Ibuprofen slows the healing process.

        sounds like your shooting yourself in the foot to me.

        Why it


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          Thanks, both of you. What you are saying makes sense. I still would like a few more opinions.

          It's not like the flexibility work isn't paying off. Most of the soreness is in ligament above kneecap. 18 months ago I couldn't squat to 90 degrees following removal of most of cartilage in right knee. Now I can hunker!


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            i agree that the ibuprofen might slow the healing process; it's interrupting the body's natural healing process.

            i get the notion of taking preventative measures though. i just think there are better options, like magnesium, ice baths, foam rollers, sleep, warm up, cool down, protein and water...and the big one is active recovery.
            at the very least, you could do a little self experimentation. log your workouts and journal how you're feeling with the ibuprofen. then try a few weaning workouts, a few without, with other preventative measures, etc. and you'll eventually get to an answer that suits you...granted, that's at least a few months away.