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    Originally posted by Chorlton View Post
    Push press with my kids

    First the five year old as a warm up, then the seven year old. If my sisters nine year old is here, I'll lift her as well but not so many times
    Do it the opposite way, still lifting the five year old as a warm up but start heavier and go down - better for your central nervous system and force output... nerdy shit but it's true - also makes more sense to lift heavier weight when fresh than when fatigued.

    For me it's usually some sort of balancing as I'm still learning so I take whatever chance I get to practice.
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      This weekend I moved a ton (an actual ton) of 20-foot planks leftover from a deck-building project from the edge of my backyard to the side of the house, and re-stacked them there. It took me two or three hours and required relocating a nest of toads, but I did it all of my own accord, no dollies or anything.


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        Pull-ups on the rock outcrops that you stop at on geology field trips
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          Something I hadnt done before until today, was squats while loading DH's beer frig.
          65lbs gone and counting!!

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