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    Thursday evening I bumped into the corner of a countertop. My hip caught under/hit the bottom of the counter top and caused a flash of pretty intense pain. Then last night, I was goofing off with the family (read: doing stupid shit) and I picked up my husband who weighs a good 30 # more than I do. Yes, I know, stupid. I thought if he was too heavy, I'd just drop him. I immediately felt a sharp pain in that hip and put him down after maybe 10 seconds. This morning I woke up in severe hip, abdominal, and lower back pain, radiating from that hip bone. What have I done? What should I do?
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    I would recommend that you contact your M.D. or the nearest ER if you can't see your Doc. It sounds as if you either tore something or might have got yourself a hernia. Best case you have a bad bruise that will take a bit to heal. But if there is a real injury, you would be better to find out sooner than later.


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      Hope your feeling better.


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        Could be a knot. Try to massage it out.
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