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    Mens Health has a short discussion of several types of minimalist footwear in this months edition. The author puts a very positive spin in his recommendations to go barefoot. He mentions VFF, Nike Free and several other options. Also, they have a couple of suggestions for gradually moving to barefoot if you have been wearing bulky athletic footwear for a while.

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    I love my Nike Free 5.0s.


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      I'd love to get a pair of Nike Frees. I love my VFFs but they do make me look like I have frog feet.


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        Not sure where else to put this comment so here is as good a place as any I guess- sorry didn't read the article in the Mens Health... BUT-

        I just came in from a walk, my first in my flimsy flats that I got on the cheap from payless- nothing special in the shoe, just noting that they are without any support, just a thin flat 1/4 inch of rubber... anyway, after reading about how to hold my posture ( Here... how to sit stand and walk like Grok as well as here... how to improve your posture ) and concentrating on walking to let my foot absorb the impact naturally.

        What I found was that with my spine and pelvis in that "J" shape, my foot's impact automatically came down quite comfortably on the ball of the foot (sure it looked a little funny till I got the hang of it, but after a few minutes it was effortless) PLUS my abs were stretched and yet flexed at the same time. It was a very interesting experiment making me realize through first hand (first FOOT actually) experience that our bodies have a wonderful design. It proved to me that I have been walking wrong for most of my life, and probably running wrong as well.

        I felt a sense of muscle fatigue in my feet as well as my abs, akin to having done a more strenuous workout, but all I did was walk. This is incredible! I can't wait for my lunchbreak!!!

        Anybody else try this?
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          I dont get NIke frees. Had a look and they let alot of air get to your foot,m but still have a thick spongy sole?! I run in water shoes now. The ones I got are great, way cheaper than VFFs and so liberating feeling the different terrain under your feet!

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            I bought the nike free before I read 'born to run' and found them to be to unstable.. I was sliding inside my shoes and didnt like the heel cushion but didnt realize why at the time. I just bought some cheap shoes from old navy.. bare basic old school sneakers with a thin sole... great for walking the dog... I also got these great water shoes
            I'm always barefoot inside but need a little something for outside


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              Any recommended water shoes for this type of running? I haven't seen the Tevas in a store yet. Water shoes are hard to find around here now as well, so I figure I will have to order them online.
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                VFF the way to go

                I use VFF for all my workouts and PT, except for team sports like ball hockey or basketball as the guys can be hard on the feet and shoes as much as I hate them provide some cushion from hockey sticks and feet. Otherwise I use my VFF for running, CF, hiking etc and I will never (well most likely never) use running shoes again for training or running. I have actually worn out my first pair of VFF after using them for everything for the last 18 months. Not bad for 85$ and they lasted that long.

                I can't emphasize enough though that to take it easy when going to a shoe like VFF or else you will be extremely sore. I went out for a 2km run in them the day I got them and I couldn't walk for 2 days after. Took me about 4 months before I could run 5km in them. No I do 10 km run, on very rare occasions, no problem and have worn them hiking up and down hills along the fundy coast all day long with no problems. Other then people looking at you weird cause of your shoes, but you get used to it.


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                  I took my VFF's for an hour long [very steep] hike with a 3 mile trail run down three days after I got them. I was a little sore for a few days, but I am barefoot a lot of the time anyways so I think that contributed to my lack of pain and fast healing.

                  My brother used his for about 10 months (wore 8 hours/day, every day) and just replaced them. They were worn down on the bottoms quite a bit and had a tiny hole in the toe (from snagging something, not a gradual breakdown) but they do hold up pretty well.


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                    I just go barefoot. Its cheaper and just as good for your feet. When i must wear shoes I wear my huaraches (homemade). I play sports barefoot like soccer, basketball or racquetball without any problems. I've only been going barefoot for about 8 months now. The only problem i've had so far was a deep splinter from walking through a field, it was a stupid idea anyway.

                    And if you think people look at you weird in your VFF, try going barefoot for a day; that will get you some weird looks



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                      I'm not wild about starting off without any type of intermediate shoe. Especially since I think I will get some sort of parasite if I run on grass or dirt, or land on glass and rocks on a road.
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