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Achieving PEM Mastery

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  • Achieving PEM Mastery

    I'm just into my second week of the Primal lifestyle, and I've begun using the PEMs as part of my workout routine.

    My question is about what level of exercise I should use. I'm not at the full PEM level for any of the movements yet, so I'm using various levels as I work up. That works out fine for my first set -- but it's a problem with the second set.

    If I find that I can't complete a full second set at a particular level, should I drop down to the next lower level -- or just max out what I can at the current level?

    For example: if I do 50 incline pushups for my first set, but I find I can only manage 30 during the second set...should I drop to the knee-pushups for the entire set and crank out 50? Or just finish off the second set with 20 knee-pushups, for a total of 50 movements?

    The same question will apply when I reach full mastery of a particular movement. I doubt that I'll be able to crank out two sets of 50 pushups each, so should my second set be at a lower level -- or just max out what I can at the full level?

    Thanks in advance for your input!


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    I'm going to make two assumptions, so forgive me if I missunderstand your situation. You've recently joined the forum, so I assume you recently found or started PB. (<----- Just realized you wrote this in the first damn sentence ) If you've only recently started PB, you're probably still in the "cutting fat" phase.

    In my very modest and non-professional opinion....
    For right now I'd say if you can manage the requisite number of reps in a given PEM, I'd leverage that for the first set definitely (sounds like that's what you're already doing). The second set, to be honest, is going to get easier as your body recomps. In the meantime, it might even be beneficial to mix it up. One day, go to failure on the second set sticking with the base movement. Next time, complete the full second set at a lower progression level. This should give you the basics of any good training program: variety, overload, and regularity.

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