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2nd degree burns and corss fit

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  • 2nd degree burns and corss fit

    I m so upset. I was steaming veggies this morning when I took off the lid and burned my pointer, middle and index fingers all at one shot. Blisters have appeared on two if the fingers. Of course it's right above the joint so I would be bending the burned areas to grip a barbell.

    Currently I am in a ton of pain (took Advil, aquaphor etc) should I still go to crossfit? Or is this going to bust up my hand more if I go into day?

    I feel like such an a$$

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    What sort of Crossfit workout is scheduled at your box today? Not all workouts involve barbells. If it's a gripping-something sort of workout, maybe there's an alternative one you could do (sprints, sit ups, air squats, etc.) Don't risk breaking those blisters.

    But if you're in a lot of pain, I'd say take a day off and see how it feels tomorrow.


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      Our box does not release the workout until the day is over. That way we can't get scared I know today is dead-lift day so the warmup will be all dead lifts. The WOD will probably involve a lot of reps of weightlifting as well


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        I am not the best source of advice on this as I am extremely stubborn, but I train a lot of brazillian jiu jitsu which involves a tremendous amount of gripping. When I burn or cut my fingers or hands I just wrap them up with pro-wrap or gauze and then layer on the athletic tape. It hurts afterwards, not so much during, it probably drags the healing time out for a much longer period of time too, but it keeps me training and I figure the athletic tape company may as well get some benefit.