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doing bodyweight circuit the day after a heavy lifting day

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  • doing bodyweight circuit the day after a heavy lifting day

    Would this be advisable? Yesterday I did did a workout of heavy weights with weighted pushups/squats/clean and press/pull ups/ and some arm and about work thrown in for the hell of it. I'm not really sore today, a bit in my lats and pecs, and have super energy and I was considering doing a round of pushups pull ups and squats with some kettle bell swings thrown in. I'm also going in for surgery tomorrow so I'd like one last workout before my Layup for a few weeks. Sound good? Or should I just sprint? Or is there some other thing I could do with a kettle bell or bare bell that will hit everything?

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    No. Just walk and rest... soreness is not a good guage.


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      Go for it, putting blood back into sore muscles, helps with recovery and growth, as long as its lite bodyweight work you will be fine, just keep volume low


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        When you do a heavy workout (weighted or BW), muscle fibres get broken down. They only repair, strengthen and grow during recovery. If you workout too much without allowing adequate recovery you do not get stronger you breakdown.

        There is no specific advantage to what you propose unless the BW session is of a low intensity so as not to cause any more muscle breakdown. A light stretching, walking, mobility session will help transport extra blood, nutrients, oxygen to tired muscles and keep them growing steadily and healthily.

        A better option maybe to find some kind of BW skill for example Handstands that require a lower intensity than multiple push ups, squats etc. therefore cause less muscle breakdown. Static holds are good for this if you progress slowly.