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Incorporating Pilates into Primal Fitness Routine

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  • Incorporating Pilates into Primal Fitness Routine

    I started eating low carb around a year ago and have been trying out different approaches to it. I recently bought Primal Blueprint and am finding its approach to eating a good fit for me. So now I want to do the fitness aspect too.

    I am taking Pilates 3 times a week. I greatly enjoy these classes and want to keep doing them. The Friday class is called Power Pilates and alternates Pilates moves with cardio intervals. I'm thinking I will count this as my sprint. This class, as well as the Monday and Wednesday classes include planks and some pushups, as well as arm exercises with light weights. I want to work on the Primal Essential Movements on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but I'm concerned that it could be too much "lift heavy things" when combined with the Pilates. (I am also trying to fit in 30 to 60 minutes of walking 5 or 6 days/week.)

    I'm figuring I just need to try this routine and see what happens. What should I be looking for as signs that I've got the right amount of "lift heavy things" or signs I'm doing too much? Also I would appreciate general advice about doing Pilates with primal fitness. Thanks.

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    I'm a pilates instructor.

    Pilates doesn't quite fit in with Primal Fitness as the way Mark describes it, but it absolutely has a place in my daily life.

    I do pilates pretty much daily, and count 15-20 minutes of daily pilates as 1 day of lifting heavy things. It's just bodyweight exercises. But done correctly it DOESN'T MATTER that it's just body weight exercises. For my other lift heavy things days I garden. I never actually get into a gym and lift heavy weights. Every once in a while I'll grab my dumbbells and do some squats and dead lifts and tricep presses. Simple stuff to get the blood pumping. But a double leg stretch feels just as good as a squat, soooo....

    Pay attention to how you feel. If Pilates is getting too easy, then add a day of lifting heavier things...or focus more on you posture and positioning and see if you can perfect your practice more. If you feel tired the first thing I would cut out is that cardio pilates. Cardio pilates is kind of just an answer to the ever increasing demand for classes that bounce you around to get your heart rate up...a lot of people in a gym just don't have the patience or focus for traditional pilates.
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      Thanks for your response, happyprimate. I am not surprised to see that you are a Pilates instructor. I think your post was about incorporating primal fitness into Pilates rather than the other way around.


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        i don't think so. but maybe i didn't express myself correctly.

        i count pilates as lift heavy things. But i only do it for short periods of time so that I am not too tired to finish my other actually lifting heavy things (they just happen to be wheelbarrows, and shovels full of dirt, and what have you--I am a hardcore permaculturing gardener)

        I do think, that if you start lifting actually heavy things on alternate days, your muscles are going to start feeling fatigued during your hour long pilates sessions. An hour of pilates is a lot of pilates. I never do Pilates that long. My clients WANT to...but it's unnecessary. And that is in line with Primal Blueprint. It doesn't take an hour of lift heavy things to see results.

        If I did pilates for an hour, three days a week, then I wouldn't be worried about completing any other lift heavy things work.

        But pay attention to yourself.

        And if you are getting fatigued...then drop that cardio class first.
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          While not a pilates instructor, I teach yoga and I agree.

          Pilates is body-weight exercise -- essentially the same as PB big five or LHT. So, if you are doing it 3 times a week for an hour, you *might* be over-doing it. Or, it might be right for you to do it that often.

          Also, if you like something, keep doing it. I categorize my yoga practice as "play."