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Walking with possible neuropathy in feet

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  • Walking with possible neuropathy in feet

    I have a question. I really want to slowly incorporate exercise into my life. I sit at a computer all day for work, but I work at home and can take breaks. I do chores outside a couple times a day, feeding and watering horses, goats, etc. I have started eating primally again.

    My issue right now is the pain in my feet. It's pretty agonizing in the morning, and as I walk throughout the day, it gets better, but heaven forbid I walk or stand for a while and then sit down! The next time I get up, I look like I am going to fall over! I think this is some kind of neuropathy. I am probably pre-diabetic, it runs in the family. When I go primal, it mostly goes away.

    Is walking despite the pain alright? I live in a very pretty area and walking isn't too hard on me. Should I break it into small 15-20 minutes intervals, or does that even do anything?

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    yes. you might also massage your feet with a golf ball before getting up, as that can help bring the sensation back into the feet (as well as increase blood flow to the area), and then go and walk. Since the pain decreases as your feet "warm up" to the movement, "warm up" your feet first, and you might not have pain while walking.

    (put golf ball on floor under your foot + roll it around with foot = massage foot with golf ball)


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      Neuropathy is usually a later stage diabetic symptom (especially when not managed well). What zoebird says is good, but you might wanna figure out the source of this pain.


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        This sounds a lot like plantar fasciitis. Rolling your foot over a golf ball or even a tennis ball to begin with might help. Stretching the calves often and before you get up can help. You might want to google it for other ideas on relieving it.


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          Thank you for your response. Now that I have read a bit about it, I think it seems more like the plantar fascitis. I also ased my nurse/neighbor, she works with a lot of diabetics and she also said possible fascitis, but said to make sure to rule out a spur if massage does not help.

          Got insurance coming in with the new job, I might possibly make a trip to the Dr....haven't done that in 15 years!