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Any recommendations re: pull up bar for the home

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  • Any recommendations re: pull up bar for the home

    We would like to get a pull up bar to use at home, does anyone have any thoughts regarding brands or type (freestanding versus doorway, I guess).

    Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanx.

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    i like the door-frame pull up bars because they are unobtrusive, portable, and double as push up bars if you want. but, what you get depends on your goals. do you want to be able to rock the muscle up? you'll need to get something tall and free standing. if you want something outside, a power tower works pretty well.
    bargain-wise, the door frame pull up bars are the best. i think iron gym makes one that usually runs $20-30.


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      Before you buy one, try to handle it in the store and make sure it accommodates your grip. I learned this the hard way - we got a heavy duty one that attaches to the ceiling, and we had to punch through and bolt it to the attic beams and everything. After this elaborate installation, i go to use it only to find that the vertical supports are exactly where my hands go. So now i have to grip either between the supports or outside them, which messes me up. I ended up hanging a set of rings from it, and i use them for my pullups instead now. Also, the knurl on the bar really tears up my hands.

      So yeah, try before you buy.


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        The ones that are portable are better. the one that screws into your doorway using an internal screw mechanism will spread the door frame over time when you crank down on it. I have one of those in my garage doorway and I keep it just barely tight and use the mounting cups to hold it in place so I don't risk cracking the plaster above the header. Every time I walk through the door during my day I stop and do one more pull up than the last time I went through it. On a busy saturday full of yard work or house projects, I end up doing about 200 pul ups in one day.


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          If you decide you want a door mount one, I've got one you can have if you wanna pay shipping for it. We upgraded to a power tower and the thing's collecting dust. It's this one, but from Perfect Pull Up, I think. I can try and find the brand if it really matters.
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            I got the Iron Gym pull-up bar from Amazon. It definitely works well for me.


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              Another Iron Gym recommendation - for the price its awesome. It hangs somewhat low so I have to pull my legs up towards my chest so I don't hit the ground, but then that probably helps build my abs.