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    What happens when you're fasting, say, for 24 hours, and during that time you workout, but don't have a post workout meal or anything at all really. I'm only asking because I binges on primal food last night and am doing a 24 hour fast, but It's also a LHT day for me. Pros, cons, what the hell are you thinkings, gaflargidibargles? (that's a choking on rage noise, in case you're wondering)

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    Non issue IMO. I work out fasted all the time. I see no problems with fasting after also to a degree....fact you'll probably get some benefit from it (autophagy and such).


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      i've been working out fasted (usually about 18 hours) for a while. it's great. i tried it a few times and found that i got a better workout fasted than i did fed. plus, there are plenty of times when i work out fasted and keep fasting. i get a little extra burn those days, and my energy is usually through the roof. i think you're good to go.

      now, are you doing a 24 hour fast because of your food binge? if so, i'm going to recommend against that. it's far better to just get back on track than to try and make up for something you think was wrong.


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        Nah I just binges on a ton of veggies and protein yesterday at a buffet dinner and don't much feel like eating today. Would rather make use of all those nutrients I crammed into my system in one meal.


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          Nice bit of fruit after my fasted workout and some water and i can go for hours after without being hungry

          in fact, im less hungry after a fasted workout than after a non fasted one
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            Since going Primal (July 2012), I almost always exercise in a fast. Usually, I go to my cross-fitish class 15-16 hours into a fast. I'll eat at about 19-20 hours, though. Only once did I not have any energy during a workout, but that was after eating vegetarian for 5 days and traveling.

            No reason to eat for one day if you don't feel hungry. That's my opinion. Stay hydrated.
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              Take 10g of BCAA's before and after your lift. They are non caloric and wont break your fast,