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My toenail needs to come off

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  • My toenail needs to come off

    Back in July I got a black toenail hiking in new shoes that had a seam that hit all wrong. The nail turned black but has stubbornly held. I can feel that it is loose. After a shower if I press my toe down I can see the water under the nail moving around. When putting on pants it felt like the nail snagged a little on the hem and just felt loose, but it didn't come off. Should I hasten things along? Tug on it? Try cutting as much off as will come off? Just keep waiting but run the risk of snagging it on something accidentally?
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    Eh, just let it fall off on its own. If you rip it off, you may bleed and set yourself up for infection.

    I've lost plenty of toenails due to running with the wrong socks and/or shoes (and the fact I'm hammer-toed makes me more prone to it). The first time, I was in complete denial that it was going to fall off so I put a bandaid over the nail and just went about my life...

    ...until one day when I was doing crunches on my living room floor, I sat up and my toe hit the coffee table leg and... POP! Off went the nail! No pain (other than that from the fact I stubbed my toe) and no bleeding. The nail underneath had already begun to regrow, too, so that was a nice surprise as well!
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      Ugh. I know that feeling (ballet). It's better if it comes off naturally because it won't bleed as much (if at all), and there's less risk of infection. Just tape it loosely for the time being so it doesn't snag.


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        I had one do this. I ended up cutting most of it off as the new nail was growing underneath it. Hurt like a mother but it's better now.
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          I once had a nail take 8 months to fall off. No pain when it actually did, though. I would just leave it alone.
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            I think this shows how bad hiking is for your health......
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              Also, do your best to keep it dry so you don't develop a fungal infection while it's still there. Squirt it with alcohol (drying), or blast it with the blow dryer after you shower.


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                If it is getting water under there I would cut it really short and maybe put some tea tree oil or something under it so it doesn't grow a fungus from the moisture.

                I bet it catches in a sock or your pants one day and you accidentally rip it off.