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New Dumbbell Exercises For You To Try

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  • New Dumbbell Exercises For You To Try

    Hi guys,

    My new article on Breaking Muscle is all about different dumbbell variations that you can try - and they're certainly far more primal than the regular things that most people do!

    Check it out:

    5 Best Dumbbell Exercises To Get Strong (And Gather a Crowd) | Breaking Muscle

    If you like it then please share.

    What other exercises do you do with your dumbbells?
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    these look awesome. i really like dumbell workouts as i can do them at home. plus they are quick and i can fit them in when i am short on time. i only have up to 6kg dumbells but am needing an excuse to buy heavier ones. iTA about having a stronger and weaker side and how with dumbells your strong side cant compensate. i like these compounds here T NATION | Screw Cardio! Four Complexes for a Shredded Physique the waterburys one is done with dumbells. i do it 5x with 6kg dumbells.


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      Nice stuff. Might use some of those this afternoon.

      To answer your question, a few things I do with dumbbells, at least on occasion:

      Clean & jerks
      Cross-over step-ups
      Farmer's Walk (add Fat Gripz for extra fun)
      Romanian deadlifts
      Squat thrusters
      And I use them as stands for handstand pushups. Even though they're low to the ground (hence provide only a small increase in ROM), it takes my # of reps from 10+ down to the 3-4 range.
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        Good stuff. I don't really do much with dumbbells anymore, but I just might have to pull 'em out again...
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